Ukraine ran into very large financial troubles that threaten it with a decision to pay several billion dollars on a claim filed in the Hague Arbitration Court by the Chinese company Beijing Skyrizon. However, this development of events was quite predictable. In 2019, a deal was closed for the acquisition by the Chinese of a 75% stake in the strategic enterprise Motor Sich, which produces engines for aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, as well as industrial gas turbines. Beijing has been interested in gaining access to technology in the field of aircraft engine construction, in which the success of the Chinese is assessed as rather modest.

The deal caused an extremely negative reaction in Washington, which is waging a technological war against China at various levels. It is clear that the Americans could not like the prospect of the Chinese building up technological potential in the field of arms production. In August 2019, John Bolton, who was then the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, flew to Kiev in order to prevent the sale of Motor Sich to a Chinese company. Moreover, American entrepreneurs themselves have expressed their willingness to become buyers. The founder of Blackwater, Eric Prince, said that he wants to include the Ukrainian company in his military empire, and visited the plant in Zaporozhye.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, naturally, went to meet the wishes of the White House. First, by the decision of the Prosecutor General's Office, the shares of the enterprise were arrested, and at the end of January 2021, by a presidential decree pursuant to the decision of the unconstitutional body - the National Security and Defense Council - personal sanctions were imposed for three years against the head of Beijing Skyrizon, a citizen of the PRC, Wang Jing, as well as against a number of enterprises belonging to him. Assets were blocked (temporary restriction of the right to use and dispose of property), a complete ban was introduced on transactions in securities. Wang Jing lost the right to enter the territory of Ukraine.

In March 2021, Zelensky makes a decision to return Motor Sich to state ownership.

That is, in essence, we are talking about an absolutely shameless seizure of property legally acquired by the Chinese.

By the way, after the Ukrainian leadership shamelessly carried out all these illegal activities, American business sharply lost interest in the idea of ​​buying the plant and simply disappeared from the horizon.

Now, Chinese investors have sued the state of Ukraine over the nationalization of the company in order to obtain the payment of $ 4.5 billion in repayment of the incurred losses and lost profits.

By the way, the amount is not final - in the comments of the applicant it is said that in the course of the consideration of the case it can grow significantly.

Experts as one agree that the chances of the Chinese to achieve a positive decision on their requirements are almost 100%.

True, the process will definitely not be quick - the procedure of the judicial investigation can take two or three years.

This money, if Kiev intends to abide by the rules of the European Union, Ukraine will have to pay.

But they are not and are not expected.

It is doubtful that Washington, which made all this mess, thanks to whose efforts the Ukrainian president authorized the predatory seizure of Motor Sich shares, will consider itself obligated to financially help those whom it has put in a desperate situation.

By the way, the Americans are already behaving extremely cynically on this topic.

In mid-November, US President Joe Biden held an online meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The topic “Motor Sich” was also touched upon.

Biden advised to go to court.

This is a perfectly reasonable recommendation.

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