Netizen: Bringing cash is purely for the "sense of security"; do you still bring cash when you go out?

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  Our reporter Huang Weifen

The shopping electronic system of the mall failed, and Ms. Xu in Hangzhou was embarrassed:  

I asked 23 people and finally got 20 yuan in cash

  Netizen: Bringing cash is purely for the "sense of security"; do you still bring cash when you go out?

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  Sometimes "community death" is very simple, maybe you just strike up a conversation with someone in a certain mall in Hangzhou, and ask: "Can you lend me 20 yuan in cash?" If you don't feel embarrassed once, you will have 23 times in a row. There are a few times that make you "a strange person" in the eyes of others.

On the evening of November 28, Hangzhou Ms. Xu experienced 40 minutes that made her feel at a loss.

  It's quite simple to say. On the 29th, my daughter needs a mechanical pencil to go to school. Taking advantage of her free afternoon, Ms. Xu brought her mobile phone and put on a mask and went to Baolong City, a shopping mall near her home, which is only a ten-minute walk away.

  "At MUJI, I took two mechanical pencils with 0.5mm refills, each at 8 yuan, a total of 16 yuan. When I went to pay, I learned that the electronic payment system in the store was malfunctioning, and I could only pay in cash." Ms. Xu When talking about entering the store and shopping, no one reminded her that there was a payment problem, and there are many customers like her. "I heard someone say that my wife’s clothes have been selected for a long time, but when I paid, I found that I could only use it. Cash, really bought a lonely."

  After this small incident developed later, I did not expect to reflect some interesting phenomena in modern life.

I only succeeded when I borrowed the 23rd

  How to do?

Ms. Xu tried to communicate with the staff to see if she could transfer the money to them, and then wait for the payment system to return to normal before entering the account. She was told that there would be problems with the account later and was rejected. She suggested that she could pay again at night.

  Find someone to borrow cash, Ms. Xu decided to have the courage to try.

She first asked the waiters and staff of several shops around the mall, and she borrowed more than 10 people in a row, without any cash.

  She then ran to the service desk on the first floor to borrow money.

Unfortunately, the staff at the service desk also said that there is no cash.

  In the lobby on the first floor of the mall, Ms. Xu borrowed money from people who she didn't know who came to go shopping.

  "I asked more than 10 men and women before and after, but they were all unsuccessful. I also specially selected older people for borrowing, but unfortunately everyone didn't bring cash." Ms. Xu even went to a coffee shop next to it, but there was cash in the shop, a pity. The staff apologized to her because of the accounting.

  After working for half an hour, Ms. Xu returned to the store, "One is to see if it has recovered, and also to see if anyone has successfully paid in cash, so that I can borrow some money."

  She was really waiting.

An elder sister brought 200 yuan in cash, and she couldn't buy many things she wanted to buy, but she could free up 20 yuan in cash to lend to Ms. Xu.

  This is the 23rd person Ms. Xu borrowed on that day.

Should the mall have a backup plan

  Pick a pen for 60 seconds and pay for 40 minutes.

  Ms. Xu has some feelings, "Usually, if I bring a bag, I will put a hundred dollars in cash. I found out today that many people have long lost the habit of carrying cash."

  Although the final result is quite satisfactory.

However, she also has some questions. Should there be a place for consumers to exchange cash in such a situation in the mall?

  The Qianjiang Evening News·Hours reporter also contacted the relevant staff of Baolong City. The other party said that MUJI uses its own payment system. This is the first time this happened in the entire mall.

The Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporter learned that at about 5:20 in the evening, about 2 hours later, the Baolong City MUJI payment system had returned to normal.

  Although the electronic payment went on strike for two hours, there must be a lot of Ms. Xu with the same payment.

  Have you ever encountered problems like this?

Is there a situation where you need cash but don’t know what to do?

How was it solved in the end?

Do you still have the habit of bringing cash?

Netizens share more inconvenient smart life——

Take dad to see a doctor

The phone crashed

We can hardly move

  When people are getting more and more accustomed to electronic payment, it is difficult to think of the situation that electronic payment or the network may crash.

  This trivial matter was reported by Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News, which aroused the resonance of many netizens.

  Netizens said that they are bringing cash now purely for "a sense of security."

  "We elderly people must bring some cash with us, because sometimes we are afraid that the mobile phone will be out of power, sometimes the network cannot be connected, the network speed is slow and so on." Netizen Huigu said that most people like him with some cash around It is to "prevent" unexpected problems when going out, such as power outages, or when they want to buy agricultural products sold by elderly farmers, but the other party only accepts cash.

  Some people habitually carry 10 yuan and 20 yuan in cash with them for emergency needs.

"If I bring a bag, I will definitely bring cash. Not much, one or two hundred. If I don't bring a bag, I will put a little in the key bag."

  "I will put a little in my car, and I will carry it on my body." Mr. Ma said, now that there are many scammers, it is understandable if others do not lend you out of precaution: "I carry it by myself, and I feel more secure. It’s a bit more convenient."

  Sure enough, most people go out without cash.

Netizen Bae Bae said that a few days ago, I went to China Construction Bank to exchange commemorative coins and forgot to bring cash and bank cards. I only brought my mobile phone and ID card. "Thinking that the bank will have a way anyway." As a result, he hit a wall.

The lobby manager said no, he had to withdraw cash by himself or go to a small shop outside to exchange it.

In the end, Bae Bae had to go to a small shop nearby to discuss with the boss, bought a bottle of water, paid 202 yuan with Alipay, and the boss asked for another 200 yuan to get it done.

  In fact, the absence of smart payments has caused far more than cash dilemmas.

When mobile phones or the Internet went on strike, almost everything in our lives fell apart.

  Some netizens said that he borrowed 100 yuan to register at the hospital, but Xiao Wei, who accompanied his father to Hangzhou Hospital from Huzhou for the examination, was not so lucky.

  On the second day of the November holiday, the father and son took the high-speed train to Hangzhou early in the morning because of his father's hand shaking.

  The accident started from leaving the station.

Xiao Wei's mobile phone suddenly freezes, and the health code is "imprisoned" in the mobile phone of the temporary strike. Thinking of the next scenes such as taking the subway or taking a car, Xiao Wei instantly sweats.

Fortunately, the freeze time is relatively short this time.

  But when the father and son came to the entrance of the hospital, the mobile phones went on strike.

In the last morning, the elderly father originally hoped that Xiao Wei could register and look for the department together, but only his father was left alone in the hospital looking for people to ask questions. Xiao Wei sat at the entrance of the hospital and was in a daze until noon.

  Xiao Wei walked a long way, put his mobile phone in the store and repaired it. On the way back, he could only buy a bottle of mineral water with an electronic watch.

  But they still had to take the high-speed train to go home. The mobile phones were not repaired. The last two had to find relatives in Hangzhou, temporarily find a spare mobile phone, change the card to install the software, and go home.

  Have you encountered such embarrassment and stories?

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