Rashwan Tawfik's grandson to his grandfather: I miss you and I kiss your hand.. Video

Muhammad Essam's grandson, the great artist Rashwan Tawfiq, said: The reconciliation between his mother and grandfather Matrouh, which is an important thing and will be away from the media and away from lawyers, and if it happens, God willing, it will be between a father and his daughter only.

And he added, in a telephone interview with the newspaper, “The Seventh Day”: “My grandfather preferred me to work and every need is good and I can’t forget any of his superiority and taught me the Qur’an and that I pray and advised me that I love my mother and put her in my eyes.”

He said: "My mother is sick and tired, and I feared for her the reaction from the words that were said, and she is performing 6 catheterization operations, and she is a heart patient, and the issue is nerve fatigue."

In a related context, Muhammad Essam, the grandson of the artist Rashwan Tawfiq, sent a message to his grandfather, saying: "Grandfather, my love, you are everything I need, and by saying that you miss me and my soul is more inclined to your hand and its obscenity."

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