What should we do if we "double subtract" and others "secretly add"?

Answer parents' questions

  The "double reduction" policy was formulated to reduce the burden of students' homework and off-campus training during the compulsory education stage. While many families are earnestly implementing the policy to reduce the burden on their babies, they worry that other people's babies are secretly "adding meals."

Is learning a competition?

What should I do if someone else’s child "sneaks away"?

In response to the anxiety of some parents, the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau invited famous family education teachers in Guangzhou to tell parents how to correctly view the "competition" of their children.

  Text/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Liu Xiaoxing, Correspondent Sui Jiaoxuan

Question 1: Now that there are fewer homework and no extra-curricular tutoring classes, will the competitiveness of the child also decline?

  Guangzhou Li Yingtao Family Education Famous Teacher Studio: Many parents pursue scores far beyond their children's physical and mental health and happy growth.

Under the "double reduction", parents should realize the "two-way rush" with the school.

  On the one hand, fully trust, understand and support the school’s disciplinary literacy training plans and measures, so that children can lay a good knowledge foundation in subject learning, and steadily improve their disciplinary literacy in an all-round way to stimulate and reserve stronger potential; on the other hand, actively play The influence of family education must have parents’ sense of responsibility in spirit and action, fully recognize the importance of family education to the child’s entire growth process, and truly care for, accompany, educate and exercise children from practical actions. Children and support children.

  Under the "double reduction", parents should be more concerned about their children's growth and what kind of person they will become in the future, so that their children will not be a high-score and low-energy person who can only study for exams, but a person with good learning literacy and good conduct. , Future social construction talents with strong comprehensive ability development and physical and mental health.

Question 2: "Double reduction". Some families are really "decreasing", while others are secretly "increasing". I am worried that the children's academic performance in the future class is likely to be polarized because of this situation?

  Guangzhou Huang Rundai Family Education Master Studio: Parents worry about the differentiation of children’s academic performance in the class, which may indeed happen in the future, because in addition to the impact of the school’s teaching level, the children’s performance is also affected by reasonable guidance and environmental influence in family education. necessary.

Therefore, the divergence in class children’s academic performance is not caused by "double reduction", but because different families pay different attention to children’s education. In some families, parents lack the guidance and sense of companionship for their children, which leads to children’s learning awareness and good habits. Not being nurtured in a family environment.

So in the final analysis, the most important thing for parents is to adjust their mentality and create a good family atmosphere.

The significance of the "Family Education Promotion Law" introduced by the state is here.

  Parents need to understand the reasons for their anxiety. There are three main points: First, they like to compare, so that your child will always have an unbeatable opponent. He is called the "child of another person."

Second, the expectations are too high. Regardless of your child's aptitude and talent, take "Northern Qing" as his goal of studying hard.

Third, I am too worried about the uncertainty of the future. I am afraid that if the child does not work hard now, he will have no good future in the future.

  In fact, every child has different talents. Being able to discover and cultivate a child's talent is the real fairness of education.

  The family is the first classroom in life, and the parents are the children's first teachers.

Parents should respect school education arrangements, respect teachers’ creativity and play, cooperate with the school to do a good job in their children’s learning and education, and at the same time cultivate a good family tradition and give children a demonstration and guidance.

It is the parents' responsibility to discover children's unique talents and abilities in family life, cultivate children's good accomplishments and habits, and create a warm and upward family atmosphere for children.

Question 3: Some parents used to make up classes if they wanted to "extra meals", but now their children can't keep up with their grades and can't make up classes. If their grades are not so good, they may go to a vocational school.

  Guangzhou Huang Wenjuan Family Education Master Studio: First of all, we need to change the concept of "make up lessons".

Children who ask private tutors to make up lessons may not have good grades.

We must take a correct view and believe in the quality education implemented by our schools. School education is an education that systematically promotes the physical and mental development of children.

Children's good development should not be based solely on grades. Physical and mental health is also very important.

  Second, we need to change the concept of "vocational education".

The country attaches great importance to the development of vocational education from a macro level.

With the development of society, my country's requirements for talents are getting higher and higher, and it is precisely because of this that it is necessary to train specialized technical talents.

Skilled talents with high-quality technology will certainly become the mainstay in social practice and the pillars of the country.

  Finally, we need to change the concept of "talent".

Not all the pillars of the country come from institutions of higher learning.

  As the saying goes: Three hundred and sixty lines are the best.

No matter which line you do, you will have a corresponding manager.

These people are not held by college graduates who have graduated, but by talents who are capable, aware of the overall situation, and have a sense of responsibility.

These "capable tasks" abilities cannot be achieved by "remedial lessons" and "achievements" alone. They are the comprehensive literacy and development abilities that quality education gives children, which lays the ability for children to respond to challenges and achieve stability and long-term development.

  The goal of cultivating a child is to make him happy.

University is just a stage for realizing dreams, and there are many stages for realizing dreams. What we need to do is to discover the advantages of the child, choose the profession suitable for the child, and let the child go to the "stage" suitable for him, so that he can become a better one. Professionals, a better self.