• María Torretta: "Marta Ortega belongs to the family and with her we talk about family issues, not fashion or business"

Marta Ortega, "


secret weapon

" as the Wall Street Journal claimed months ago, is no longer secret. The



who started folding T-shirts in the brand's stores as just another saleswoman has finally taken over the reins of the company to replace

Pablo Isla

as president and member of the Inditex Board of Directors.

The relief, which will take effect from April 1 of next year, was more than expected and has allowed us to learn more about the little daughter of Amancio Ortega, the first fortune of our country. Discreet and always in the background,


has always been by her father's side, knowing the company as he has taught her, from within and from its pillars. Like


who at 85 years of age continues to visit the Woman department of the


offices practically daily

, Marta maintains close contact with the employees and is involved in all production processes to "stay close to the product". as his father "always did", he then assured the aforementioned newspaper in an


, the only one that has been granted to a media outlet and where it seemed to advance its plans: "You never know your future and I am open to it," she said, "I will always be where the company needs me."

Because, also like her father, she has always been


with the media and those closest to her have closed ranks. "Marta Ortega belongs to our family, so we talk about family matters. Fashion and business, no," her sister-in-law,

María Torretta

, explained to Yo Dona recently

. Therefore, little is known about his very


private life. Married to

Carlos Torretta,

the son of designer

Roberto Torretta

, since November 2018 -in an intimate and civil ceremony at her father's house that featured, of course, with the performance of one of her favorite groups,


-, Marta lives in a duplex in A Coruña with her husband and two children,


, the oldest, 8 years old, the result of his first marriage to the professional rider

Sergio Álvarez Moya,

and Matilda, the youngest, only one year old.

"I thought I would not survive"

The family and Inditex mark their day to day.

Her workday begins like almost any mother's, taking her child to



Then, to the



, an industrial building where she works side by side with the team, sharing a table and sitting in a

swivel chair

very similar to the ones her father always used.

In addition, she tries to visit the stores once a week, a moment that she especially likes because in one of them, in


, she started working as

a shop


, 14 years ago.

"The first week I thought I would not survive," he declared in the interview, "but then you develop a kind of addiction to the store. Some people never want to leave it. It is the heart of the company."

"My father was never the best"

She did go out, to fill all kinds of positions, from

brand image


to merchandising and supervising the


of the women's line. Because as highlighted in the interview, the success of


- currently the company's sales, with


exceeding 11,000 million euros between the months of February and July, are well above those of 2020, the year in which the Coronavirus turned the economy upside down, and even those of 2019 - it also resides in its business structure. "We are a team. My father was never the best at anything in particular, but he was at finding the best person to do everything." And now, she is the best to


the company.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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