Zoé Pallier 11:55 am, November 30, 2021

Joséphine Baker will make her "entrance" to the Pantheon this Tuesday afternoon.

Among the guests is Arnaud de Froberville.

It was he who recorded the last disc of the Franco-American icon.

He wanted to be present at the ceremony, to accompany the singer one last time.

Joséphine Baker will "enter" the Pantheon this Tuesday afternoon.

She is the first black woman to be so honored.

Dancer, anti-racist activist, resistance ... Josephine Baker was also a singer.

Europe 1 makes you discover the exceptional testimony of Arnaud de Froberville.

It was he who recorded Joséphine Baker's last record, in 1975, a few days before the death of the Franco-American star.


 Pantheonization of Josephine Baker: the pride and emotion of her adopted daughter

"A woman full of love"

It all started when Arnaud de Froberville went to see Joséphine Baker performing. "I went to see her at Bobino. I was thrilled. I went to see her afterwards, saying: 'I would like to make a record with you'. And we both made a record." "I really like this one," he said, listening to

La Tonkinoise.

"I'm proud of it because it was good that she could make one last record. And we became very friends. She was a woman full of love and friendship, straight away." 

"She was always happy," he smiles, contemplating photos from the recording session.

"If we told her: 'No, we have to do it again', she would reply 'I can do better!'", He recalls.

During the ceremony, Arnaud de Froberville will have a lot of bitterness.

"This is the last time I'm going to go with him."