• The ferry connection with Algiers resumed in early November, but the boats only do a few rotations per week, and sometimes park for several days in Marseille.

  • Residents of the Major ferry terminal at the foot of the Panier are calling for a solution to the noise, without waiting for the inauguration of the new ferry terminal with the Maghreb further north.

  • The president of the development council of the port of Marseille Fos promises a meeting in the coming days.

He knows by heart the comings and goings of the ferries that arrive, so to speak, at the foot of his building, at the Major ferry terminal in Marseille. "I've lived there for 30 years, I've never known that," laments Bertrand *, who lives on the 11th floor of La Tourette, one of the Pouillon buildings on the quai du port. Since the resumption of passenger traffic with Algeria at the beginning of November, the recent double glazing on its windows and earplugs are no longer sufficient to counter the noise of the engines during stopovers.



, of the Corsica Linea, it had never come to position itself there, it makes a terrible noise, it has low frequencies that cross everything, he breathes. I hear him long before he crosses the port lines! Similarly, before, Algerie Ferries had two small ferries, not this giant of 1,800 seats that is the 

Mokhtar III.

 »His worst days? Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, when “these two monsters are together for three full days in Marseille, night and day, it is a continuous purr. "

Following our meeting with the inhabitants of Le Panier, exasperated by the noise and the #pollution of these sea monsters at the quayside, we called @Nouriati & the Town Hall of 2/3 #Marseille the Port authorities and companies so that these ships park far from the inhabitants pic.twitter.com/JQLQKpm9C7

- Sébastien Barles (@sebbarles) November 30, 2021

The new terminal effective for the summer season

With other residents, a collective has come together to challenge the city and the port with a petition that has collected nearly 160 signatures. "We are not against the port, it is a major economic player that must be preserved, but at the same time it is necessary to put the infrastructures opposite", believes Bertrand. There is no question for them to wait for the end of the construction of the new maritime station for the Maghreb, which must take place at Cape Janet, north of the city, and be equipped to connect two international ferries to electricity simultaneously.

Deputy mayor of Marseille for the ecological transition, Sébastien Barles relays the concerns of residents. "We are asking that a solution be found by then", declared the elected official, advancing the idea that "the ferries, which currently only make two crossings per week, will park on the sea wall, far from the sea. residents. "" You have to sit around a table, everything is possible but there are costs inherent in that ", says for his part Jean-François Suhas, president of the development council of the port of Marseille Fos, who promises a meeting in the next few days.

He does not deny the noise problems for residents of the current station, located 100 meters as the crow flies from the homes. “No one disputes that, indeed, the engines make noise, and the


, it is true, has a generator which makes more noise than the others. However, the next Corsica Linea boat will be powered by LNG. "In six to eight months, this traffic will be moved to the north, where we are further away from the population in terms of noise, the houses being about 1.5 km away", also adds Jean-François Suhas.

"If we want to keep this calendar, we have no other solution than to keep the Major station operational," also communicates the port of Marseille Fos, which indicates that, concerning the nuisances complained of by residents of the port, "the harbor master's office does not currently have an alternative solution for moving international ferry stopovers".

Depending on the port, work is progressing and delivery of the terminal will be effective for the summer season.

The fact remains that by then, the international situation may also change.

Here too everyone has an eye on Omicron.

* The first name has been changed at his request


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