The prosecutor's office sentenced him to 30 years in prison in a trial of a Vietnamese agricultural trainee accused of murdering a couple in their 70s in a house in Yachiyo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Meanwhile, the defense pleaded not guilty.

Nguyen Din Hai, a 23-year-old Vietnamese agricultural trainee, invaded a house in Yachiyo-cho, Ibaraki Prefecture in August and stabbed the chest of Isao Osato (76 at the time), who lives in this house, with a sword. He was accused of murder and attempted murder for murdering and injuring his 76-year-old wife.

At the trial held at the Mito District Court on the 30th, the prosecution said, "Some of the footprints left on the scene match the defendant's, and the day before the incident, I bought the same kind of weapon knife. The crime is extremely vicious and the consequences are serious. "

On the other hand, the defense said, "The height of the person whom the wife speaks as the criminal image and the height of the defendant are different, and there were many footprints in the scene where it was not possible to identify who they belonged to." The possibility that another apprentice is the true criminal cannot be completely denied. "

Finally, the defendant said, "I haven't been guilty of murder and attempted murder at all. Make the right decision in the trial. I want to see my family."

The verdict will be handed down on December 10.