China News Service, Nanchang, November 30 (Reporter Li Yunhan) On the 29th, the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department held a press conference stating that from January to September this year, Jiangxi detected 13,689 criminal cases of electrical fraud and arrested 12,697 criminal suspects.

  According to Wan Kai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangxi police implemented precise crackdowns on illegal crimes such as telecommunications and network fraud, and attacked and deterred crimes with fierce offensives.

From January to September this year, Jiangxi detected 13,689 criminal cases of electrical fraud, a year-on-year increase of 51.18%; arrested 12,697 criminal suspects, a year-on-year increase of 153%; stopped payment and freezing of more than 11 billion yuan of funds involved, warning and discouraging more than 700,000 people .

  Recently, the Jiangxi police launched the "10.16" national cluster campaign to combat telecom fraud and the "two card" crimes, mobilizing nearly 3,000 police forces overnight, arresting 594 people, destroying 43 gangs, seizing 11.885 million yuan of funds involved in the case, and effectively protecting the people’s money bags. ".

  In addition, the Jiangxi police focused on the people’s livelihood issues that are of most concern to the masses, continued to increase public security’s reform of “delegating control, delegating control, and serving the public”, formulated three batches of work plans for “I do practical work for the masses”, introduced 220 policies and measures, and identified key livelihoods. There are 30 project lists, and a total of 18,000 practical things have been done for the masses.

  Since the beginning of this year, Jiangxi has accepted 235,000 “one-stop” transactions for household registration, renewed and reissued more than 225,000 resident identity cards online, and provided more than 212,000 non-criminal record certificates online, engraving cases for enterprises across the province More than 900,000 seals have effectively met the service needs of enterprises and the public.

  At the same time, the Jiangxi police organized the "Ten Thousands of Police and Thousands of Vehicles Going to the Grassroots Level" activity, mobilizing 10,000 police from the third-level public security organs and more than 1,200 standard police vehicles to contact and support the grassroots front line, and the province to support police forces to participate in traffic safety patrol management and school nurses. 92,000 actions were taken, and a total of 11,547 hidden safety hazards such as road traffic, campuses, and hospitals were investigated.