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The front pages of the French dailies Le Figaro and La Dordogne Libre on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. © Le Figaro / Dordogne libre / Montage RFI

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This is the headline of

La Dordogne Libre

, this departmental daily which pays tribute this Tuesday to

Joséphine Baker

, the singer and resistance fighter, who has long resided in the Périgord Noir and who is entering the Pantheon on Tuesday.


From the banana belt to the immortal crown

 ”, launches the newspaper: “the 

first black artist to be celebrated in France, Joséphine Baker thwarted the racist imagery that had made her famous to establish herself as a legend.

At the same time free woman, heroine of the Resistance and apostle of universal brotherhood.

And now immortal in the Pantheon.



 Daring Josephine


Indeed, “to

 dare Joséphine

 ”, comments

Le Figaro

, thus taking up the title of a famous song by Alain Bashung. Yes, we had to dare… “ 

Joséphine Baker obviously does not have the classic profile of the great characters so far honored in the necropolis of the Republic, points out the newspaper: magazine leader, singer, agent of Free France, international star, a whimsical mother at the head of a family that she wanted to match the dimensions of her heart. And yet… Joséphine Baker at the Pantheon is the consecration of a love story between a woman and a country,


Le Figaro. When she was congratulated for her action in the Resistance or for her international prestige which made her the equal of an ambassador, she replied that she was only giving back to France what the latter had given her. An admirable formula of a little American with big eyes who landed in Montparnasse in the Roaring Twenties and became her darling through her talent and enthusiasm. What France had given her can be summed up in a few words,

Le Figaro

further notes

: a country foreign to the notion of segregation: in Saint Louis (Missouri), Joséphine Baker was a black; in Saint-Germain-des-Prés (France), she was an artist. What eventually shocked his time was his freedom, the eroticism that emanated from his shows; not the color of his skin.


Joséphine Baker is from France

," add

Les Latest Nouvelles d'Alsace.

In all its diversity, in all its acceptance.

With her, it is all the "negroes", as we said then, with her, it is all the Senegalese, Moroccan or Malagasy riflemen who fought for the country and who gave their life to it who today accede to the holy of holies. of the nation.

They will be walking alongside him shortly.


Hold against Omicron

Also on the front page, the new Omicron variant. "

 How to deal with the threat?


Le Parisien. “Barricading oneself is not necessarily the best strategy,

 ” replied the newspaper. “ 

We have to stay our course with composure. And persevere in the fight with the tools that have proven their effectiveness: the booster dose, barrier gestures, isolation of patients

. "

While waiting to learn more about this new variant, continues the newspaper, “ 

we must continue to prepare for Christmas, consume, work, campaign and campaign with all the necessary precautions.

Without this, we could break the economic and political dynamics at work today in our country.

You have to know not to get the wrong fight.


Sacred Messi!


another Ballon d'Or for Messi, the seventh


 Game, 7 and matches

 ", nicely title



With the question of knowing, however, " 

if the world (of football) voted for the Argentine out of habit or as a reward for merit superior to the competition




expresses it frankly in the title: “ 

Messi is no longer the best but he is again Ballon d'Or. At 34, Messi is no longer the best player in the world. He is not even the best striker in Paris-SG he joined this summer, where Kylian Mbappé has been raining and shining in recent months.


All the same, retorts

Le Parisien

, “by finishing top scorer in La Liga with 30 goals last season, and second best European director in all competitions with 47 goals just behind Robert Lewandowski, the Argentinian crack still set the bar very high on the statistics plan.

He especially added, for the first time in his career, a Copa America (the equivalent of the Euro on the South American continent) won last summer against Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

This is where he makes the difference…



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