[Explanation] It is the harvest season of persimmons. In the Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County of Guilin City, Guangxi, known as the "Hometown of Chinese Moon Persimmons", the rolling hillsides are covered with lantern-like persimmon trees and are full of fruits.

The red and big persimmons shone brightly in the scorching sun.

  [Explanation] In Huangzhugang Village, Lianhua Town, Gongcheng County, Li Min, a 36-year-old big Yao farmer, controlled a remote control to remotely control a single-track "electric transportation train" full of persimmons to the end of the track.

The fruit farmers are skilfully screening and picking the fresh persimmons and putting them into baskets for loading.

  [Explanation] In the case of policy subsidies, mechanized equipment assists monthly persimmon picking to greatly improve efficiency.

Li Min is the first batch of farmers in Huangzhugang Village to install rail transport aircraft on a trial basis. After enjoying the national agricultural machinery subsidy, Li Min only needs 50 yuan per meter to install the rail.

  [Concurrent] Li Min, a villager in Huangzhugang Village, Lianhua Town, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County

  I have been planting persimmons for fifteen or six years. This year (planted) more than 50 acres, and I have installed (track) more than 400 meters, which may save more than 10,000 to 20,000 labor.

  [Explanation] Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County is an ethnic minority gathering area dominated by the Yao population. It is the country's main persimmon production area. The monthly persimmon output accounts for about 70% of the national market.

As young and middle-aged people in the county go out to work all the year round, the shortage of manpower for picking persimmons during the mature period has caused the development of mountain agriculture to fall into a development bottleneck.

The use of agricultural mechanized equipment not only solves the labor tension problem of persimmon picking to a large extent, but also improves the work efficiency of fruit processing.

  [Concurrent] Huang Tianxiong, Director of Agricultural Machinery Service Center of Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County

  The common people are very welcome to this rail transportation. We actively seek funds (subsidies for purchasing machines) from the above to meet the needs of the common people to the greatest extent, do this practical and good deeds well, and ensure that the common people get the greatest benefits in this regard. .

  [Explanation] In the production workshop of Senlu Trading Co., Ltd. in Lianhua Town, Gongcheng County, workers are busy sorting and packaging the rich persimmons and dried persimmons with an automatic packaging machine.

According to reports, the company has established a 100-ton cold storage in 2020, and the processing capacity for the entire picking season this year can reach more than 10 million tons.

  [Concurrent] Feng Yihong, General Manager of a Trading Co., Ltd. in Gongcheng

  Under the guidance and help of the county agricultural machinery department, we purchased advanced equipment such as cold storage, decolorizing tanks, and automatic packaging machines to ensure the stability of product quality.

Our products are mainly sold to Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

  [Explanation] In the era of "Internet +", the persimmon processing companies in Gongcheng have taken the "swift ride" of the e-commerce live broadcast and started the e-commerce sales model.

Only Senlu, relying on its cooperation with the Kuaishou platform this year, has reached a peak order period of 10,000 online orders per day.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the current persimmon planting area in Gongcheng County exceeds 218,000 mu, with an output of more than 637,240,090 tons; the comprehensive output value of persimmon exceeds 6.2 billion yuan.

Crispy persimmons, red persimmons, dried persimmons and other processed products are exported to Japan and Thailand.

Every year on the Persimmon Festival, there is a constant flow of passengers, realizing "the orchard becomes a park, the farmhouse becomes a hotel, and the farmer becomes a boss".

The brand image of Guangxi specialty products "good mountains and water produce good things" has been fully shaped.

  Yang Zongsheng Jiang Fenghui reports from Guilin

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]