The third inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine will begin on the 1st for healthcare professionals.

Medical workers such as doctors and nurses will start vaccination, and according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 1.04 million people will be vaccinated this month.

In January next year, in addition to 2 million medical workers, vaccination for the elderly aged 65 and over is expected to begin, and it is expected that 610,000 people will be targeted during January.

In earlier municipalities, vaccinations for the general public under the age of 64 are scheduled to begin in January, and vaccination tickets will be mailed eight months before the second vaccination.

Depending on the municipality, the delivery of the vaccination ticket may be delayed, so even if it does not arrive after 8 months, the vaccination is exceptionally permitted.

For the time being, vaccination will be done by mass vaccination at the municipal vaccination site or individual vaccination at a medical institution, and the already approved Pfizer vaccine will be used.

Occupational vaccinations at companies and universities are scheduled to begin in March next year, and acceptance of implementation will begin on the 13th of this month.