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Juan Carrasco is back and we should celebrate.

Venga Juan

(HBO Max) is the third part of the embarrassing adventures of the most painful politician. The two previous installments,

Vota Juan


Vamos Juan

, grew in complexity and subtlety and now, with



Diego San José's fiction is crowned as the best Spanish comedy in broadcast

. San José (the screenwriter, not the saint) has already introduced us to plenty of squat Carrasco, so you can play with him however you want. And it does.

Come on Juan

has a lot of



The Thick of It

, its British precedent, but also deep very Spanish and much Spanish roots: Rafael Azcona or the Fernando León de Aranoa de



El buen patrones

(that is, the León de Aranoa bueno) sneak into the dialogues and situations that lead to Juan Carrasco always beyond. Meaner, more ridiculous, more pathetic ... and more human.

This, which is already complicated on paper, on screen requires an equally delicate second effort. That's where Javier Cámara comes in. Without his total dedication to the character,

Venga Juan

most likely would not be the extraordinary series that it is. Cámara, an interpreter who at this point does not have to prove anything to anyone, composes a Juan Carrasco recognizable in his banality and villainy.

A very wrong cretin with whom it is easy to empathize. Even identify yourself. For the wrong thing. And for the cretin thing too

. Another thing is that we do not want to admit that the clumsy manipulations of this by-product of contemporary politics could be ours. That we have been there, that we see ourselves reflected in his permanent flight forward, that Juan Carrasco is all of us.

And who says Juan Carrasco says Macarena (María Pujalte), his friend, collaborator and [


], Paula (Yaël Belicha), his very tired wife or Eva (Esty Quesada), the daughter that nobody would want to have. But only the Juan Carrasco of life are capable of saying the latter in public. The famous Soy Una Pringada de las redes is another of the finds in Juan Carrasco's series. The Chamber himself recounted how much his enormous talent for comedy had surprised him. A talent that the series takes advantage of by making Eva the catalyst of some of the moments in

Venga Juan

in which, once again, we are all Juan Carrasco.

It is in those glimpses of the lonely and scared man where this comedy is better drama and, therefore, better comedy


When we see its protagonist teach us the fine line between evil and stupidity, between the most despicable selfishness and the survival of the class fool.

Nobody wants to be that fool.

Nobody admits having been that fool.

But someone was that fool.

And sometimes that fool thrives.

Or believe that it thrives.

And perhaps he is not so stupid and knows that the world, sooner or later, will discover his deceit and expose his shame


I think Juan Carrasco is not that stupid.

Not so worm.

Just as I know that Diego San José and Javier Cámara are very smart.

His Juan Carrasco will be the worst, but

Venga Juan

is the best.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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