The best-selling book for the past year was announced, and "People speak 90%", which explains the tips of how to speak that people like, came in first.

NIPPAN GROUP, which acts as an intermediary for publications, has summarized the sales of books sold during the year up to the 21st of last month.

According to it, the best-selling business book was "90% of people speak" by Mr. Shigehisa Nagamatsu, who has a cumulative circulation of 850,000 in business books that explain the tips of how to speak.

In second place was Anders Hansen's "smartphone brain," which revealed the effects of smartphones on the human brain based on the latest research results.

In addition, Rin Usami's "Push, Burning Yu", which was selected for the Akutagawa Prize in January, was ranked 3rd, and Sonoko Machida, who won the Japan Bookseller's Award in April, was ranked 6th for "52 Hertz". "Whales" have entered, and NIPPAN points out that the novel is becoming more popular due to the corona sickness.

In addition, from the popular manga related works, the coloring book "Kimetsu no Yaiba Coloring Book-Ao" and "Kimetsu no Yaiba Coloring Book-Kurenai" ranked 7th, and the novelization of the original manga "Jujutsu Kaisen Died Summer". "Autumn to return" came in 10th place, showing the persistent popularity of boys' comics.

NIPPAN says, "As the effects of the new coronavirus have been prolonged and opportunities to talk face-to-face have decreased, the growing interest in communication may be reflected in the ranking."