Asala confirms that she was betrayed and gives harsh advice to her ex-husband, Tariq Al-Arian.. Video

The Syrian actress, Asala Nasri, revealed for the first time the reason for her separation from her ex-husband, director Tariq Al-Arian.

And that was during her latest interview with the "Ink Secret" program, and she said: "The real reason is the same person, the reason is not other people... We have nothing to do with the stranger, whether they are extras or otherwise."

She added, "I do not know how many times I have been betrayed. The first time I did not know what to do in this situation and I overlooked it, because I did not know what to do."

And she continued, "The friendship between me and Tariq Al-Arian was cut off, and there was no longer a life between us, and I was overcome a lot... We have good days, children and successes that we have to remember with the harsh things that I lived."

Regarding the talk that a Syrian actress is the reason for the divorce, Asala said: "This is an intruder from many intruders, not one."

Many observers speculated that Asala Nasri meant the Syrian model, Nicole Saafan, after she answered that she did not think she was an actress, when the announcer asked her that a Syrian actress was the reason for her separation.

Asala referred to the rumors of marriage and divorce that followed her by saying: "Josoni thousands of times, I have three marriages, Ayman, Tariq and Fayek. When people start rumors that Asala married, I was not accompanied, this is considered respect, even if it is under a rumor."

Nicole Saafan replied: "Hey, my love, thank you for your words. I just want to tell you that there is nothing to do with their divorce. They divorced because he was very miserable and there were many problems between them. I have never been with Tariq and they are married."

Asala advised her ex-husband, Tariq Al-Arian, to take care of their two children, “Adam and Ali,” as she said, during the second part of her episode on the “Ink Secret” program with the media, Asma Ibrahim on the “Cairo and the People” channel: “Abu Adam and Ali say, take care of the children more and give them of your time.” A little more, he may be in a transitional phase that makes him fall short in some duties.

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