What other Neolithic revolutions on the planet?

Basate pestle sculpture, circa 4th millennium BC.

J.-C ;, Algeria.

© musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, photo Therry Ollivier, Michel Urtado

By: Caroline Lachowsky

1 min

Back to the Neolithic era.

Seen from elsewhere (in Ethiopia, China in the Amazon) how several Neolithic revolutions all over the planet have marked the history of Humanity?


Let's go back in time to the Neolithic ... The Neolithic revolution, this passage from an economy of predation to an economy of production with sedentarization and domestication, breeding and the beginnings of agriculture is considered today. as a pivotal event in the history of Humanity.

A real revolution or more exactly, a transition to be put in the plural because beyond its emergence in the Middle East and its diffusion in Europe, archaeologists are now bringing to light, on all continents, other centers of innovation. parallel and independent in China, Amazonia, Ethiopia.  

On the occasion of the conference organized by


Les Mondes du Néolithique

 which will be held on December 1 at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris

With the archaeologist and professor emeritus at the Collège de France 

Jean Guilaine

and the archaeozoologist at Inrap  

Stéphane Frère


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