From the first day of December, the freezing cold has come. In particular, the wind is blowing a lot and you will feel colder. Let's check the detailed weather by connecting the weather caster out at Yeouido Station.

Sujin Ahn Caster I can feel the wind blowing a lot. How's the weather?


Yes, it's colder because of the wind.

Even while I was waiting, I didn't hold on to light objects and they flew away.

Again, I forgot to bring my gloves, so I resent myself for that.

When you go out, don't forget to take extra care in keeping warm, such as gloves and a scarf.

If you look at the current temperature in detail, the inland is blue, and the temperature is below freezing.

The temperature in Seoul dropped to minus 2.1 degrees and the sensible temperature dropped to minus 7 degrees.

The temperature in Seoraksan is recorded at minus 14.7 degrees Celsius.

A cold wave advisory has been issued for northern Gyeonggi and northern Gangwon, and Yeongdong and Uljin.

A strong wind advisory is also in effect along the coast.

If you look at the radar, rain clouds are coming in from the West Sea.

In mountainous areas, there are places where it snows.

Until the afternoon, rain or snow of less than 5mm is expected mainly in the western regions such as Chungcheong and Honam.

Raindrops and snow will also fall inland.

Tomorrow will be colder than today.

From the weekend, the temperature will rise slightly and the cold will ease.

On Friday morning, it will rain or snow again in the central and Honam areas.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)