• After a crowdfunding campaign, Chandam has just launched its first woolen collection for women in order to "promote a French natural material".

  • They want to reorganize a whole industry around Arles merino wool, taken from sheep raised in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Flocks of sheep from Loris Morato, breeder in Villeneuve-d'Entraunes in the Var valley (Alpes-Maritimes), to… your closet.

Promoting French wool and developing a 100% local sector, this is the bet of the Azuréenne Eléonore Bricca and her partner, Sandra Khochmatlian.

Their meeting, a little more than a year ago, made tilt.

The first, an agronomist by training, had worked with different companies to make them more virtuous.

The second worked twenty years in fashion.

After a crowdfunding campaign, their company Chandam, established in Antibes, has just launched its first collection for women.

A series composed of a jacket, two sweaters, a scarf and a beret, available in ten colors to "enhance a natural French material".

Soon their own thread

The Arles merino wool, which they have chosen for "its softness and resistance", "is mostly exported to China for 0 euros to 50 cents per kilo", laments Sandra Khochmatlian.

"They transform it there and then sell us the clothes after a second round the world trip," she says.

Their idea is to relocate.

For this first collection, “from breeding to knitting, including dyeing, everything is done between France and Italy,” explains Eléonore Bricca.

At the moment, they buy their yarn across the border.

But, "in the long term, we want to produce our own 100% French yarn".

The two entrepreneurs have actually been working there for over a year, “but everything that is research and development takes time,” continues Sandra Khochmatlian.

We want to achieve good quality, especially with regard to resistance.


A French linen collection for the summer

Ultimately, therefore, the Riviera wool will first be sent to Gévaudan to undergo "washing".

Then head to the Dumortier workshops in Tourcoing, in the North, where the fibers will be carded and combed.

Knitting will remain in the area, in Reggio Emilia, near Bologna in Italy, as is already the case for this “capsule” collection.

The cost should remain the same: count 230 euros for a sweater.

"It's a fair price compared to the material used, the manufacturing circuit or the quality of the details," says Sandra Khochmatlian.

The two partners are already working on a summer collection with 100% French linen.


With Laine Rebelle, they recreate the wool industry, from the breeder to the sweater


The boom in “made in France” textiles is lacking in arms

"Valuing each actor"

With this project, Eléonore Bricca and Sandra Khochmatlian want to “promote each actor in their sector”.

“In textiles, unlike food, there is no link between consumer and producer.

We never know where the material comes from and who produced it.

Often, farmers and ranchers also do not know what is made with their material.

We want to create a real link, ”says the second.

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