It sounds like the script for a commercial: After snow and wind at the weekend, visitors to a pub in northern England had to spend a third night in the pub.

As the landlady of the Tan Hill Inn, Nicola Townsend, said on BBC radio on Monday, it was still unclear when the road to the pub in the Yorkshire Dales National Park could be cleared again.

The 51-year-old was interviewed on Monday morning on various British news outlets.

The 60 or so guests were stranded after an Oasis cover band performed on Friday evening.

The autumn storm Arwen had also caused traffic chaos in other parts of Great Britain and caused the electricity to fail in many households.

The pub-goers passed the time with karaoke, pub quizzes and board games, as Townsend reported.

A planned competition for the best dressed snowman had to be canceled because of the extreme cold and the strong wind.

At night you have to improvise a bit: Many of the guests were accommodated in the rooms of the hostel, while others slept on sofas or on mattresses on the floor.

Everyone was given the opportunity to shower regularly.

"As if you had a large group of friends there"

The supply also seems to be taken care of. "We have a lot to eat," Townsend told UK broadcaster ITV. "It sounds a bit like a cliché, but people came as strangers and will leave as friends." more to leave. "It's like having a big group of friends over for dinner," Townsend said, jokingly adding that it was good not to have the real band Oasis in there. Their ex-front man Liam Gallagher is considered contentious. Several people who had a baby have now left with the help of special vehicles. Townsend went on to limit the serving of alcohol to after three in the afternoon.

The pictures showed the snow piling up around the cars and the pub building.

The real problem was the wind, explained Townsend.

The snow blown against obstacles, including the building and the vehicles parked around it.

The only regular street that leads to the pub has meanwhile been blocked by a fallen power pole, according to a report by the Telegraph.

The allegedly highest pub in England was often the setting for commercials.

One of them was about a group of visitors who are snowed in and then involuntarily spend a good time together.

That now seems to have become, at least in part, a reality.