On the 29th, the fishery cooperative was arrested and charged with stealing bonito at the Yaizu fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture, which boasts the largest amount of frozen bonito landed in Japan. At a press conference, the union leader apologized, "I deeply apologize. I take it as something that shouldn't have happened because of the long-standing improper conduct."

In response to this incident, the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative held a press conference with executives attending after 1:00 pm on the 29th.

Prior to the meeting, the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative submitted an internal investigation report to Shizuoka Prefecture, in which the staff for many years handed the fish to a fishery processing company to receive cash in order to cover entertainment expenses and drinking party expenses. In addition to this incident, it was revealed that a fishery cooperative bidder had taken out the bonito and handed it to another fishery processing company, and in return received several cash vouchers.

At a press conference, Mr. Kakujiro Nishikawa, the union leader, said, "We deeply apologize for the great concern and inconvenience. It became clear in the investigation that there were inappropriate acts for many years other than this case. I take it as something that shouldn't happen. "

On top of that, the fishermen's cooperative side said, "Many experienced people such as bidders were involved in fraud. Even if such people became bosses, they did not stop the inappropriate acts of their subordinates, and there was a problem as an organization. There was a problem with staff education, and we should have thoroughly enforced compliance. We will do our utmost to prevent recurrence so that we can regain the lost trust. "

The Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative will consider disposing of staff and executives involved in fraud in the future.