29 On the day, I submitted the report of the internal investigation to the prefecture.

Among them, it is said that there were other cases in which staff members were involved in the extraction of bonito and received rewards.

Following the arrest of the staff, the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative has set up an "Investigation Committee" consisting of six members, including corporate lawyers and executives of the Fisheries Cooperative, and interviewed a total of 124 people, including all staff and retired employees.

Then, on the morning of the 29th, the union leader Kakujiro Nishikawa submitted a report of the internal investigation to the prefecture in the position of supervision.

Among them, from several decades ago to about 10 years ago, staff members handed fish to a fish processing company to receive cash in order to cover part of the expenses for entertainment expenses on employee trips and drinking parties during the year-end and New Year holidays. I am trying.

In addition to this case, a bidjack of the fishery cooperative took out the bonito and handed it to another fishery processing company, and said that he received several cash tickets in return. It is quite possible that this will happen. "

Takeshi Itahashi, director of the Fisheries and Marine Affairs Bureau of Shizuoka Prefecture, who received the report, said, "I regret the arrest of the staff of the fishery cooperative. The trust of the ship owners and fishermen who landed at the Yaizu fishing port has been damaged. Therefore, I would like you to take thorough measures to prevent recurrence based on the contents of the report. "