At the doll studio in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, next year's Eto "Tora" figurines are being actively made.

The figurine is made at "Nogomi Ningyo Kobo" in the Nokomi district of Kashima city.

The Nogomi doll is a clay doll that Teruji Suzuta started to make to brighten the society during the postwar turmoil, and is characterized by its round and simplified shape and colorful colors.

At this time of year, the workshop is actively making figurines of "Tora" next year, and three staff members are painting unglazed "Tora" dolls with bells inside.

Uto figurines are gaining popularity as Kashima's representative local toys, and we plan to make about 5,000 of them at the workshop.

Kiyoto Suzuda, the grandson of Teruji, said, "It is said that Tora has the power to move forward." I want you to cleanse your heart with a simple tone and welcome the new year. "