On Tuesday night, 19-year-old Truls will play in the World Cup final against world setter Fan Zhendong from China.

Möregårdh's final place is described as a sensation in the world of table tennis.

If he were to beat Fan Zhendong there (against all odds), it would have shaken the great power China a lot.

With a few exceptions, China has dominated table tennis for many decades.

But there have been a few challengers - not least from Sweden.

With his six World Cup golds and Olympic gold in 1992, Jan-Owe Waldner won deep respect in China.

So much so that he was nicknamed Cháng Qīng Shù - "The Evergreen Tree".

In the clip: Tilde Lewin traces what Truls Möregårdh may be called in China - and explains why JO got his nickname.