“Alexander Borisovich was a man who loved music incredibly and lived for the sake of music.

He was always attentive to all the different styles.

Therefore, he managed to mix completely polar things in one person.

He owned academic vocals, pop and rock vocals.

And no one else has such a beauty.

He made it very professional and accurate.

I didn’t hear a single false note from him, he always hit it for sure, ”said the artist.

He noted that Gradsky "loved music infinitely."

“And not oneself in music or art, as some colleagues say, but art and music in oneself.

He lived for this.

This permeated everything that he did and said ... It is a pity that this person is no longer with us.

After his departure, we, of course, lost a lot.

Because there are no such people anymore, neither with such a voice, nor with such charisma, nor with such an approach to the profession, "the interlocutor of RT concluded.

Russian singer and composer Alexander Gradsky dies at 73