Because of the storm and snow, visitors to a concert stayed two nights in a snow-covered British pub.

The guests were stranded after the performance of an Oasis cover band on Friday evening at the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in Northern England, as the BBC reported on Sunday.

The autumn storm Arwen had also caused traffic chaos in other parts of Great Britain and caused the electricity to fail in many households.

Around 60 pub guests had to spend not just one, but even two nights in the inn. Two thirds of them had booked an overnight stay there anyway. On Saturday morning, almost a meter of snow had fallen around the 528-meter-high pub, which it claims to be the highest in the country, so that the surrounding streets remained blocked even after the storm had subsided. It was still unclear on Sunday when the guests would be able to leave the place.

Manager Nicola Townsend said her team tries to keep people happy.

"I wanted to call a competition for the best dressed snowman yesterday, but it was so cold and the wind so strong that it didn't work." According to the BBC report, the guests were still in good spirits.

There is still “a lot of beer there,” said pub visitor Martin Overton to the broadcaster.