The final of

K2 is looking for K3

attracted 719,000 viewers on Saturday evening.

This puts the SBS6 program in thirteenth place of the 25 best viewed broadcasts of the day, according to Stichting KijkOnderzoek.

The finale was by far the most watched episode of the series.

The program, in which the girl group went looking for a replacement for the departed Klaasje, often did not even end up in the top 25 best viewed programs of the day.

At its lowest point, the show, which aired on Friday nights in recent weeks, drew just 185,000 viewers.

Presumably the low viewing figures are partly due to the fact that the program was a week ahead in Belgium.

For example, it became clear last week that all male candidates had been eliminated, while this could only be seen in the Netherlands on Friday.

Only the final was broadcast live and simultaneously in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The top 3 most watched programs on Saturday were all broadcast on NPO1.


NOS Journaal

of 8 p.m. was the frontrunner with more than 2.1 million viewers.

Just until here

followed with 1.8 million and Victor Mids attracted

more than 1.5 million viewers




The final of

K2 is looking for K3

was won on Saturday evening by the Dutch Julia Boschman.