China News Service, Macau, November 28 (Reporter Long Tuyou) On the afternoon of the 28th, the Macau Judicial Police Department (hereinafter referred to as the police) held a special press conference to announce the detection of a crime involving a criminal syndicate, illegal gambling and money laundering In the case, 11 suspects including a 47-year-old businessman surnamed Zhou were arrested.

  The police spokesman Zhong Jinliang introduced that among the 11 suspects, except for the principal culprit who reported as a businessman, the others all reported as senior executives, including 10 residents of Macau and 1 resident of Hong Kong.

  According to the case, in August 2019, through intelligence collection, the police learned that the criminal group was headed by a man surnamed Zhou, and used the business of operating casino VIP rooms in Macau to set up gambling platforms overseas and solicit residents of mainland China to conduct illegal online gambling. , And the illegal gains obtained are laundered and transferred through illegal channels such as the accounts of the VIP Club of Macau Casino and underground banks.

In April 2020, the police transferred the case to a special case to continue the investigation.

  After in-depth investigation, the police identified the backbone members of the criminal group and took decisive action in the early morning of November 27, 2021. They sent criminal investigators to several units in a commercial building in the Royal District of Macau and a housing estate in the outlying islands of Macau. , Successfully seized the chief brain of the criminal group and 10 key members of the group.

  During the operation, the police seized a large number of criminal tools such as computer devices, network servers and electronic storage devices, as well as more than 3 million Hong Kong dollars in cash.

After investigation, all persons involved in the case admitted that the criminal group had operated gambling websites or telemarketing activities in other places.

  The police are now transferring 11 suspects to the Procuratorate of Macau Special Administrative Region for criminal syndicate, illegal gambling and money laundering crimes, and continue to conduct in-depth investigations into the case.