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Praise for

Klaasje Meijer, who said goodbye to girl group K3 this month, is happy that her successor has been found.

The singer congratulated the Dutch Julia Boschman, who won the final of K2 seeks K3 on Saturday evening and can therefore become a member of the singing trio.

"Congratulations dear Julia! You are a winner, and I'm glad you complete K3 again. You're going to pop girls!" Klaasje writes in her

Instagram Stories


The ex-K3 member also has praise for the losing finalists Diede, Amy and Celester.

"Dear girls, you really did a fantastic job! You shone in this program and you can be proud of that."

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Nice and casual

Chantal Janzen and make-up artist Leco van Zadelhoff are in Cologne for the German program 

Das Supertalent


On Instagram she shows what she looks like before the shooting starts.

That means a head full of curlers, a bathrobe under her coat and bare legs in her boots.

"#Lecolook", said the presenter.

yesterday at 17:39


Biologist Freek Vonk posted a photo on Instagram of a sunrise in Namibia on Saturday.

And although he enjoys the environment, accidents sometimes happen.

In the photo a baboon is sitting on his shoulder, with a few turds next to him.

"There's nothing better than waking up to this beautiful African sunrise. Meanwhile, that long one has been poked under by a baboon, can you spot the turds? #shithappens."

The presenter is currently still in the South African country, but hopes to be able to fly back on Sunday.

Several countries have imposed travel restrictions on South African countries because of the new omicron variant of the coronavirus that is circulating there.

yesterday at 15:20

First daddy day 

Dave Roelvink celebrates his first daddy day on Saturday with his son Dean, who is almost a month old.

The reality star celebrates this by going "directly to Leidseplein" with his father Dries in Amsterdam for a cup of coffee.

He posted a short video of the three generations of Roelvink on Instagram.

yesterday at 2:35 pm

Big brother

Jan Dulles posted a photo of his son James on Instagram on Saturday, who has his sister Lina, who was born on Thursday.


Big brother

", the 3JS singer captioned the photo.

It is a special moment for Dulles and his girlfriend Caroline Mol.

Last September they became parents of their daughter Donna, who died unexpectedly after three months.

Friday at 19:24

Booster shot

Princess Beatrix has already received her booster



The 83-year-old princess said this on Friday during a visit to a corona test street in Curaçao.

During the visit to the GGD in Willemstad, the princess was updated about the test policy on the island and the current state of affairs.

Beatrix spoke with corona care providers and with Joey Alcalá, policy officer at the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature.

Friday at 19:24

Friday at 16:50

Plaster belly

Famke Louise is already 34 weeks pregnant and it won't be long before her baby is born.

The singer has her bulging belly immortalized by making a plaster cast of it.

Friday at 14:15

No Kitchen Prince

Actor Jared Leto's plans to cook a Thanksgiving meal seem to have failed.

He posted a video on Instagram in which he googles 'how to be a good cook', only to let one dish after another go up in flames.

He wishes his followers a happy Thanksgiving.

"Hopefully you're doing better in the kitchen," he writes alongside the video.

Friday at 12:59

Day out

Bibi Breijman went out with her daughter Teddy on Friday: they went to the playground and fed the goats.

The visit to the playground did not go entirely smoothly, however.

The YouTuber tried to film her daughter for Instagram, after which the two had a small collision on the slide.

Friday at 10:51

Freek can just go home

For a moment, biologist Freek Vonk thought that he was stuck in Namibia, where he is because of TV recordings.

Due to the so-called B.1.1.529 corona mutation, a ban on flights from the south of Africa has been in effect since 12:00 noon on Friday.

"Do you know that story of that camera crew that would fly back from Namibia on Sunday?" the presenter writes on Instagram. 

Good news for the presenter: Dutch people who are currently in the south of Africa, have the right to return to the Netherlands despite the announced flight ban.

However, the double test obligation and the quarantine obligation apply to them.

Friday at 08:58


It's a recurring phenomenon on Instagram: female nipples are seen as sexual, but bare-chested men don't have to put anything over the pink discs.

Madonna thinks it's ridiculous.

A series of photos that sometimes showed a small piece of nipple was removed by the social platform.

Now she just shares the photos again, but with a heart in the conscious place and with an argument why a nipple should just be possible.

Friday at 05:33

Samantha knows it

Samantha Steenwijk is a jury member in 

K2 is looking for K3

, but she can also become part of the group that way, she discovered when she took a picture with Marthe and Hanne.

Friday at 05:33

Thursday at 19:05

Open application

Martin Garrix wonders whether Freek Vonk still has open vacancies.

The DJ posts a photo on Instagram in which he has a scorpion on his hand, with the text: "Freek Vonk, are you looking for an assistant?"

Thursday at 17:45


Turkeys are just about the sweetest animals on the planet, Billie Eilish writes on Instagram.

It is not entirely coincidental that she shares her message on Thursday, because Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States and 46 million turkeys are killed annually, according to the singer.

"I know it's hard to change traditions, but keep this in mind."

Thursday at 15:05


It will be exactly 21 years ago on Thursday that Tanja Jess and Charly Luske kissed each other for the first time.

The couple got to know each other at the musical

Boy Band

and share a romantic photo on Instagram to reflect on this special moment.

Thursday at 11:23

New home

Freek Vonk helped with a transfer on Thursday and gave a few wild dogs a new home by plane.

He doesn't say where the TV biologist's favorite savanna animals have moved to.

This can undoubtedly be seen in an upcoming episode of

Freeks Wilde Wereld


Thursday at 06:01

Posing in front of the Christmas tree

Britney Spears is very happy with her Christmas tree and has posted several photos of the huge thing in recent days.

Now she has also managed to get her fiancé Sam Asghari in the picture.

Thursday at 05:26

All together in the photo

A family photo is of course the best on holiday: everyone is more relaxed and has a nice healthy tan.

The Meiland family does not think otherwise, although Leroy, who has a relationship with Maxime Meiland, doubts whether he has eaten too much garlic.

In any case, their daughter Vivé doesn't seem to like something.

Thursday at 05:26

Thursday at 05:24

On honeymoon

Paris Hilton and her new husband are on their honeymoon, and if we are to believe the hotel heiress, that is really different from a normal vacation.

Wednesday at 19:11

Super proud

Courteney Cox puts her boyfriend Johnny McDaid in the spotlight.

The Snow Patrol band member co-wrote Ed Sheeran's hit song

Bad Habits

, which has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

"I'm so proud of you," writes the



Wednesday at 17:26

Whoever keeps what, has what

Marc van der Linden does on Wednesday in

Throwback Thursday

and shares some snapshots from the archive.

"My dear mom and sister keep these kinds of memories better than I do," writes the royalty reporter.

Wednesday at 14:28

Rain of compliments

Karin Bloemen puts colleague Francis van Broekhuizen in the spotlight.

"What a talent that woman has", says the singer.

"What a treasure you are," Van Broekhuizen responds.

Wednesday at 11:44


Chrissy Teigen is exhausted after baking cookies for hours.

“These are my white chocolate and sea salt macadamia cookies,” she wrote on Instagram.

"Absolutely the tastiest cookie there is."

Wednesday at 08:03

Especially in curlers

Marieke Elsinga makes morning radio and is therefore always up early.

Then you sometimes have time left in the morning.

The radio DJ shows on Instagram that she started the morning in a hairstylist's chair: the curlers are still in it.

Wednesday at 08:03

Wednesday at 05:17

I can already see him standing

The holy man is in the country and makes sure that all children in the Netherlands sing a song for him now and then, in the hope that their shoe will be well filled the next day.

The son of André Hazes and Monique Westenberg will not only receive vocal support from mom on Tuesday evening, but also from dad.

Tuesday at 19:18

Together on horseback

Horse lovers Bridget Maasland and Samantha Steenwijk both posed for the horse calendar of KWF Kankerbestrijding.

The duo from The Hague launched the calendar, the proceeds of which go to charity, on Tuesday.

Tuesday at 15:50

Beautiful purple is not ugly

Eva Crutzen has been the mother of daughter Ida since June.

The pair went out in matching purple on Tuesday, the comedian shares on Instagram.

"With all the glitter and 'glemmor' you would almost forget that a creature is also being raised," Crutzen jokes.

Tuesday at 13:47

Good news

Paul de Leeuw received good news on Tuesday.

His bladder has been declared clean again, according to an examination in the hospital.

The presenter, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer five years ago, shared the results on Instagram on Tuesday with a photo of his "heroes of care", who examined him.

De Leeuw went under the knife five years ago.

In the summer of 2016, a tumor was removed from him in Spain.

Tuesday at 10:22

From hot to her

Gordon almost leads a nomadic existence.

From his work locations in the Netherlands, he travels back and forth to his new hometown of Dubai.

And in between, he also takes the time to relax for a few days in his beloved South Africa.

On Instagram, the presenter says that he will report neatly in the Netherlands on Saturday for television recordings.

Tuesday at 05:31


Much has changed in Britney Spears' life.

The pop star has escaped her father's curatorship after a years-long battle and is ready to take matters into her own hands again.

On Instagram, Spears shows that she likes change: the decorations on her Christmas tree are red again after years instead of pink.

Tuesday at 05:31

Monday at 19:16

Newborn nephew

Jan Versteegh introduces his newborn nephew on Instagram.

"Bob Jan Versteegh. Already a boss and then also named after me. I can not imagine a greater honor", the presenter writes.

Monday at 14:55

Trial won

Sandra Ysbrandy looks back on a trial by

Expedition Robinson


"The knife that had to be right on your hand at once, a totally soured arm and shoulder, cramp in your hand, sleeping fingers, vibrating very hard. Voices in your head: 'Yuki and Annemiek are much stronger'."

Yet Ysbrandy won the test.

"Relieved and happy that this worked. Never underestimate your own qualities!", the TV chef writes on Instagram.

Monday at 10:58

Creative with image

Victoria Koblenko is on the road again with her husband Evgeniy Levchenko and then creativity appears to surface.

The actress poses for an image of Vermeer's 


and has milk poured into her mouth.

Monday at 07:44

Taking a break

Badr Hari has completely emptied his Instagram page and put his profile picture in black.

In his profile, he gives away some of his intentions: "Time for a break."

Monday at 05:39

Proud mother

What could be better than a dish made by your own child?

After years of toil in the kitchen, Sharon Stone was finally allowed to serve herself.

The actress was served chicken with onions in red wine sauce by her twenty-year-old son and says on Instagram that she is very proud of him.

Monday at 05:19

Beautiful voice

Danielle Oerlemans has been living in the United States for years and can therefore not always see her Dutch friends.

That's why she's extra happy when one of her friends comes to visit.

Oerlemans says on Instagram that Trijntje Oosterhuis is a guest in Los Angeles.

"The woman with one of the most beautiful voices I know."

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