[Explanation] To appreciate the contributions made by the anti-epidemic medical staff, the Gulangyu Family Hotel Merchants Association recently assembled 82 family hotels on the island to provide 1,001 free accommodations for medical staff and their families participating in the anti-epidemic, for them to experience world culture in depth The quiet and peaceful beauty of the heritage site.

  [Explanation] The first batch of about 300 anti-epidemic medical staff and their families made an appointment to go to the island on November 27. The welcome ceremony was held at the Sunken Plaza of Gulangyu Piano Wharf. The orchestral ensemble "I Love Gulangyu" brought by the teachers and students of Xiamen Music School "Kicked off.

Guo Shujun, a nurse who supported Putian's fight against the epidemic in September this year, went to Tong'an to carry out nucleic acid testing after returning to Xiamen. After listening to the experience of his colleagues in the fight against the epidemic, his thoughts suddenly drifted back to the unforgettable scene at that time.

  [Concurrent] Guo Shujun, a nurse at the Cardiovascular Hospital of Xiamen University

  I was impressed by the fact that we were going to conduct a door-to-door collection. After everyone went in, when everyone came down, everything in the clothes was soaked, including the whole hand that was wrinkled when it was taken out.

  [Explanation] After learning that Gulangyu provides free homestays for anti-epidemic medical care, Guo Shujun made an appointment and took his cousin to Gulangyu as soon as possible.

At the welcoming ceremony, under the witness of everyone, Guo Shujun, who received the flowers and the commemorative seal, was quite excited.

  [Concurrent] Guo Shujun, a nurse at the Cardiovascular Hospital of Xiamen University

  It just feels that they also put our efforts in their hearts, and they can also make us feel warm, because after all, Gulangyu is also a very famous scenic spot in Xiamen. It is better to (bring) family members to have fun, including these The scenery is also very good.

  [Explanation] Taking advantage of the weekend holiday, many anti-epidemic medical staff brought their families to Gulangyu Island, enjoying this rare family gathering time while enjoying the scenery of Qindao.

  [Concurrent] Deng Lizhu, a doctor at Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University

  Because usually there is relatively little time to take the baby out to play, and then this kind of activity with the whole family is relatively rare.

  [Explanation] Once the event was released, the seats were fully booked within 8 hours. Lin Conghai, president of the Gulangyu Family Hotel Merchants Association, said that the association will also organize registration information and release a wave of reservations.

He hoped that the anti-epidemic medical staff and their families could spend the warm "One Thousand and One Nights" in Gulangyu.

  [Concurrent] Lin Conghai, President of Gulangyu Family Hotel Merchants Association

  We are facing medical staff. They are all bravely fighting on the front line of the epidemic. We should do this. Although our tourism market is actually special this year. To be honest, it is very difficult. Everyone still has such a problem. This kind of love, I am actually very moved. I did not expect a response. All of our homestay owners, 82 homestay owners responded one after another, 10, 15 and 20. I still vividly remember it, and I am very moved. .

  [Explanation] It is understood that this event is open to medical staff who participated in the fight against the epidemic in Xiamen from September to October, as well as medical staff supporting Putian and Quanzhou. In addition to 1001 free accommodations, Xiamen Ferry provides free transition and 5 major attractions free of charge. Tickets, 6 exhibition halls, 17 restaurants, 7 cafes, tea houses and bars jointly provide sincere welfare and hospitality to anti-epidemic medical care and their families.

  Reporting from Xiamen, Fujian by reporter Li Siyuan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】