In the spotlight: the military convoy wandering in the Sahel

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A convoy of the French Barkhane force crosses Gao in Mali (Illustrative image).

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By: Norbert Navarro

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The French army convoy on its way to Mali was again attacked by demonstrators, but this time in Niger. After having been blocked for several days by several hundred young people mobilized by the " 

Coalition of African Patriots of Burkina Faso

 " in the locality of Kaya, the French military convoy, while it was crossing Téra, in western Niger , was again blocked by "

 a thousand demonstrators 

", specifies the French staff, reports

Le Journal du Dimanche



Le Canard Enchaîné

had already been moved by the Kaya incident, in which this satirical weekly discerned " 

a humiliating situation for the





Who will dare to explain why French soldiers are today wandering the roads of the Sahel?


Le Canard Enchaîné was

already wondering


 those who, at the high school or elsewhere, will still have to justify the presence of French people in the Sahel have their work cut out for them, 

"remarked the irreverent palmipede of the French press. 

West Indian autonomy?


Spectacular position taken by the Minister for Overseas France in the social crisis shaking the French Antilles. Sébastien Lecornu, Saturday, paved the way for a debate on the autonomy of Guadeloupe. This island in the French Antilles is "

 on a volcano, 

" says

Le Journal du Dimanche

. Not to evoke Soufrière, the local volcano, but "

 the anger 

" which has seized this island in the French Antilles, "

 like an overseas remake of the yellow vests


Then ? So the Minister of Overseas France threw a stone in the pond. “

I will have no taboos

,” said Sébastien Lecornu in a video message.

Some elected officials have asked the question, hollow, 

of autonomy in relation to its current status as an overseas department or region

(…) The government is ready to talk about it 



Le Parisien Dimanche

, the Minister of Overseas Territories has thus played "

 a game of poker

 ". Certain Guadeloupean actors "

 ask that the statute can evolve towards an Overseas collectivity to give them more autonomy,

" Sébastien Lecornu told this newspaper.

It is not in the government's plan, but why refuse the debate?

 ". But beware, he adds, “

 autonomy does not mean independence. French Polynesia and 

New Caledonia

 are already in a logic of autonomy. However, they do not threaten national unity! (…) I repeat, I'm not afraid of taboo debates (…) I know what I'm doing


Autonomy is certainly not independence

," he repeats in

Le Journal du Dimanche

, "

I will not refuse this debate if it is asked (...) I prefer a frank debate around this question than false pretenses,

”says Sébastien Lecornu in



When the congress goes wild!

It is at the end of a congress next Saturday that the right-wing Les Républicains party will nominate its candidate for the 2022 presidential election in France.

But whoever he (or she) is, none of the five contenders, at this point, would qualify for the second round.

No" congress effect "is felt in the responses of the French, 

" notes

Le Journal du Dimanche

, on the basis of an Ifop poll for this weekly and



If the first round took place today, Emmanuel Macron would come in first with 25 to 28% of the voting intentions, ahead of Marine Le Pen, from 19 to 20%, regardless of the candidate The Republicans.

In all cases also, Eric Zemmour would point in third position, with between 14 and 15%.

In the second round, Emmanuel Macron would win, with 54% of the voting intentions (down 2 points compared to the previous poll), against 46% for Marine Le Pen.

No enemy on the right for Peltier

The Republicans, precisely, with this position taken by their vice-president Guillaume Peltier.

He has so far supported the candidacy of Xavier Bertrand.

It's over.

Guillaume Peltier has changed his mind.

"I decided to bring my sponsorship and vote in the first round for Eric Ciotti,"

said the very right-hander Guillaume Peltier to

Parisien Dimanche.

“I no longer want a seal with the voters of Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen.

How can we claim to repair France if we put aside 40% of the French?

Asks Guillaume Peltier in 


Parisien Dimanche



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