Fake customer service routine

  □ reporter Deng Jun

  □ Correspondent Xu Qianlin

  "Hello, this is the customer service of JD Finance. Do you have any need for capital turnover in the near future?"

  "Hello, here is the 360 ​​IOU customer service. I have found that you have applied for a quota on my platform that has not been approved, right?"

  "Our platform has a newly opened special invitation channel. If you apply today, you can enjoy preferential policies and you can withdraw cash immediately..."

  Does the name sound formal?

Big platform lending should be very reliable, right?

Unexpectedly, this is actually a scam of fake customer service. Instead of borrowing a penny, it ran out of money and owed a huge debt...

  The Public Security Bureau of Xingning City, Guangdong Province has fully promoted the "Net Network 2021" special operation to deepen the crackdown on new types of illegal and criminal telecommunications networks. Recently, under the guidance and support of the Meizhou Anti-fraud Joint Logistics Operations Center, it successfully destroyed a fake "JD Finance" The "360 IOU" customer service is a criminal group that implements online loan fraud.

  At present, online loan scams under the guise of "low interest rates, no mortgages, and second-time loans" are "emerging in an endless stream." In order to increase credibility, some fraudsters pretend to be some large platform customer service and arrange layers to attract people to the hook and defraud money. .

  On April 20 this year, Dai in Nipi Town, Xingning City downloaded a registered account of “360 IOU” to perform loan operations, and was defrauded of 9,000 yuan in accordance with customer service guidelines to transfer fees such as unfreezing fees; in May of this year, Shi in Nipi Town received a claim to himself The loan commissioner called and downloaded the "360 IOU" to perform the loan operation according to the guidelines, and transferred the so-called "membership fee" and "fund unfreezing fee" to a total of more than 120,000 yuan...

  It is understood that these scammers faked "JD Finance" and "360 IOU" platform customer service, using "quick and preferential processing of short-term unsecured loans" as bait, and used to collect high service fees, membership fees, brush flow to increase credit limit and operations Overtime, incorrect operations require deposits and other routines, which gradually embezzle the victim’s property, and even make the victim fall into a fraud routine elaborately designed by criminals.

  In June of this year, based on clues related to electrical fraud issued by the Meizhou Anti-fraud Joint Logistics Operations Center, the Xingning City Public Security Bureau set up a task force to make full use of smart new police services to conduct in-depth research and analysis. It was discovered that the clue was involved in the mobile phone number of the case and was suspected of implementing the network. Loan fraud.

  The police handling the case analyzed the mobile phone numbers and related information flows involved in the case, and gradually sorted out multiple fraud dens managed by the Shi brothers.

At the same time, it was discovered that each fraud den had gang members ranging from 5 to 8 people.

After further sorting out the funds and information flow of the persons involved in the case, the police immediately grasped the organization's gang tools, mobile phone cards, and Li Mou, the telephone service provider.

At this point, a "Internet lending" fraud criminal group composed of three parties, including business and tool supply, personnel organization, and telephone operations, has surfaced.

  The police found that the gang has a clear organizational structure and a clear division of labor. Li provided mobile phone cards and other crime tools and information on call services; the Shi brothers purchased mobile phone cards, etc., and at the same time recruited "customer service operators" on the local website and official account; Huang; Mobin, Lai Mobin and others are responsible for assignments and organize operators to conduct fraud operations in the den.

  Through a rigorous investigation of the persons involved, the Xingning police fully grasped the location of all the dens and related information about the suspects, and found that the members of the criminal gang were distributed inside and outside the province. The dens were mainly concentrated in some communities and self-built rental houses in Xingning urban area.

  On the morning of September 24, with the support of the Meizhou Anti-fraud Joint Logistics Operations Center, the Xingning Public Security Bureau concentrated its police forces and formed 8 arrest teams. The troops were divided into seven groups and rushed to Zhejiang, Xingning Huangpi and Xingning urban areas. Unified network closing operation.

With the full cooperation of the local police, 6 fraud dens were brought down in one fell swoop, 23 members of the group headed by the Shi brothers and others were arrested, and the online loan fraud group was successfully destroyed, and a large number of mobile phone cards, bank cards, mobile phones, computers and POS were seized. Machines and other crime tools.

  It is understood that most of the gang members joined the criminal gang through the introduction of friends and part-time online. After a short training, they began to pretend to be "JD Finance" and "360 IOU" platform customer service according to the "script", and call to trick the target into adding a "lending commissioner" Provide one-to-one "service" for friends to conduct further fraud.

Some members even felt that they were just making a phone call, not directly conducting transactions, and were not suspected of breaking the law or crime.

  The police reminded that when choosing a part-time job, you must keep your eyes open to avoid becoming an "accomplice" of lawbreakers, acting as a "telephone operator" of a fraud gang, and will be punished by law for being suspected of fraud and helping information network criminal activities.

  Currently, 21 members of the criminal gang have been detained by the Xingning Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law on suspicion of fraud, and the case is being further processed.