[Explanation] On the evening of November 26, Wang Yong, who hadn't closed his eyes all day and night, was still busy in his office.

He is the principal of Qicheng Middle School who was concerned about the "student vomiting after meal and the principal cried bitterly" in Fengqiu, Henan.

  [Explanation] Speaking of the diarrhea incident on the 23rd, Wang Yong said that on that day, more than 30 students had similar symptoms one after another half an hour to two hours after lunch. Based on experience, he believed that it was definitely not a simple autumn and winter diarrhea.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yong, Principal of Qicheng Middle School, Fengqiu County, Henan

  One after another, there were children with (diarrhea). At that time, I felt that this was not an ordinary individual child's stomachache. Then I reported to the principal of the central school Xie, I said that this is the case, he said we Hurry up and report to the (County Education) Bureau.

  [Explanation] Qicheng Middle School is a boarding school. Previously, it cooperated with a catering company to provide three meals a day for all teachers and students of the school.

In August this year, the company involved won the bid for the "Fengqiu County Rural Compulsory Education Student Nutrition Improvement Plan Lunch Procurement Project".

Since then, lunch will be distributed by the company involved, and the original cooperative catering company will continue to provide breakfast and dinner.

  [Commentary] The reporter visited the school and saw that a two-story building was written with the words Student Canteen. There was a dining table inside, divided into a teacher’s window and a student’s window. There were photos of a variety of meals on the top, which can be seen through the window. To the two big pots used for cooking, it is obvious that the conditions for cooking are available here.

It is understood that after the nutritious lunch is delivered to the school, the meals are divided among the students here.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yong, Principal of Qicheng Middle School, Fengqiu County, Henan

  This delivery only started on the 15th of (November).

Before the 15th, the original catering company provided students with three meals a day.

Starting on the 15th, this catering company delivers lunch.

There are more than 330 students (in the whole school), and there are 335 (distribution meals) at noon, (how many grades are involved?) Sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth (total) four grades.

  [Commentary] Talking about why you cried bitterly in front of the camera after the incident?

Wang Yong said that two days after the incident, the food was served as usual. He was not sure that there would be a similar situation, and he did not want to watch the children receive a meal that might harm their health.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yong, Principal of Qicheng Middle School in Fengqiu, Henan

  What I don’t understand is that a child has symptoms, although I can’t say for sure what the cause is, why can’t I stop it?

I don't know whether there are strict procedures for stopping the delivery of nutritious meals.

But from the point of view that I am concerned about students, I should stop for a while for testing or testing.

If it's all right, we can match (deliver) it again.

Here is the students lying in the hospital, here is the parents who are feeling emotional here, and here is still delivery, so I was a little more excited that day.

I'm not sure that (the situation) will happen again the next day, but if it happens again the next day, then it is not knowing that eating it in the stomach will be bad, and eating it again, this is absolutely (not OK).

As the person in charge of a school, I watched my child. After school was over, I stood in line with the bowl to receive a meal that might hurt my body, right?

You can't call anyone.

  [Explanation] In the end, Wang Yong's "a bitter cry" aroused the attention of all parties, and the local officials responded by asking the companies involved to stop catering.

  [Explanation] On the 26th, the Fengqiu County Market Supervision Bureau convened a plenary meeting to request further investigations on the sanitary conditions of school canteens and catering spots, and food samples in the county.

Guo Zheng, director of the bureau, told reporters that the sample of the food involved was quickly tested negative by the disease control department, and further testing will take a few days.

  [Explanation] On the 27th, Fengqiu officials notified the latest developments of the incident. It was initially determined that it was a food-borne disease incident. Several officials including Wang Niansi, deputy director of the Fengqiu County Education and Sports Bureau, were filed for investigation.

  Reporter Li Chaoqing Kan Li reports from Fengqiu, Henan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】