• In this documentary, Angèle tells how success crushed the authenticity of her social relationships.

  • The Belgian singer also reveals the torments of her starification between outing, a 


    Playboy one 

    and difficult audience.

  • Among the witnesses who tell the young woman, her grandmother "mamy Pilou" who does not hesitate to tell her things frankly.

A complex woman behind the pop star. Stirred with anguish and doubts, Angèle reveals herself in a documentary dedicated to her. A few weeks before the release of his second album,


, on December 10, Netflix put


online this Friday

, directed by Brice VDH and Sébastien Rensonnet. Through archive images, interviews with relatives and especially the exploration of his diaries, the film brings out a young woman scratched by celebrity.

Success has crushed the authenticity of her social relations, she feels empty, false… "I no longer know who I am", she writes in one of her notebooks.

She feels like she's lost in an illusory representation of herself.

Through the reading of her writings, she reconnects with her identity and reveals another face, darker, behind the one that has flooded the newsstands since the release of her first success,


, in 2018. A look back at four key facts told by Angela.

From "daughter of" to "parents of"

We don't necessarily know it, but before being Angèle, the young girl was the daughter of two Belgian celebrities: singer Marka and actress Laurence Bibot.

She recounts the difficulties she and her brother, rapper Romeo Elvis, have encountered in finding their place next to them.

Gifted at the piano, she annoyed her father's extreme demands, to the point of asserting many times that she would never make it her profession.

In college, she suffers from not being able to complain about her parents to her classmates who constantly refer her to their notoriety.

The "daughter of" ended up eclipsing sibling and parents, relegating them to the rank of "parents of" and "brother of".

A rather unexpected turnaround that makes the family cocoon smile.

Difficult beginnings with the Damso public

The Netflix documentary shows the singer's first steps on stage.

She wasn't always the adored pop star, far from it.

At the start of 2017, she opened for Belgian rapper Damso.

"The Damso audience is not ready," Romeo Elvis told him.

And indeed, the first performance is a test for the very young singer, spotted for her cover of


by Dick Annegarn.

Violently booed by the crowd, she does not dismantle and faces date after date an audience that ends up appreciating her.

A traumatic "Playboy" front page

Angèle relives with emotion the publication of the front page of


which shows her naked.

In fact, she had forbidden the erotic magazine to use this photo, not wishing to be sexualized.

A simple portrait of the singer was to appear in the review.

Stunned by this cover, she then discovers the headlines of a Belgian tabloid: “Laurence Bibot's daughter poses nude”.

It is a blow with the hammer: not only does she feel objectified but in addition she is brought back to her condition of "daughter of".

In front of the camera, she listens to a voicemail message sent that day, in tears, where she describes her humiliation.

A real ordeal for Angèle who, several years later, still struggles to hide her emotion.

Out of force by Cyril Hanouna

Behind the pop star hides a human being.

If it seems almost silly and naive to write such a sentence, the documentary shows how society tends to forget it.

Starting with the star presenter of C8, Cyril Hanouna who put her in great difficulty by revealing his bisexuality on television, not to mention the violence that constitutes a forced coming-out.

The singer explains that she took a long time to put her sexual orientation into words.

After the issue of

Touche pas à mon poste

, she was forced to explain herself to her grandmother, "mamy Pilou", to whom she is very close and to face the sometimes aggressive reactions of the general public.


"In my songs, I cheat a little, I round the angles with my feelings", says Angèle.


"Brussels I love you": The singer Angèle signs her comeback and declares her love for the Belgian capital

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