[Explanation] In order to stop the spread of the epidemic through road transportation, starting at 6 o'clock on November 26, 2021, Xuzhou will temporarily close 6 highway entrances around the urban area, and 5 unclosed entrances and Sanbao on the national highway and provincial boundary The bayonet is set to leave the Xu inspection point.

  [Concurrent] On-site

  For those who are leaving Xu, please provide a 48-hour nucleic acid certificate, thank you for your cooperation!

  [Explanation] On the same day, at the Lianhuo Expressway Xuzhou toll station, the traffic police, the health and epidemic prevention department and other units set up special channels for vehicles and personnel leaving Xu, so that every vehicle must be inspected and every person must be inspected. After repeated confirmation, there is no abnormality After the situation, vehicles will be allowed to pass.

  [Concurrent] Yang Fan, Captain of the First High Speed ​​Brigade, Xuzhou Traffic Police Detachment

  After receiving the epidemic prevention and control instructions, we immediately mobilized police forces to carry out inspections.

Now Xuzhou Toll Station, Xuzhou East Toll Station, Xuzhou North Toll Station, Hanwang Toll Station and Pengcheng Toll Station, all entrance passages to Lixu have been set up inspection points, and all other Huanxu toll stations are closed. All personnel leaving Xu are closed. Need to provide a 48-hour nucleic acid certificate, as well as health code and travel code.

  [Concurrent] On-site

  [Explanation] At the Xuzhou South Toll Station of Lianhuo Expressway, the staff is guiding the vehicles in an orderly manner and persuading the vehicles leaving Xu to return.

  [Concurrent] Gan Lin, head of Xuzhou South Toll Station of G30 Lianhuo Expressway

  Starting at 6 o'clock in the morning on the 26th, we closed the entrance of the Xuzhou South Toll Station, and immediately arranged for the staff to guide and inform the vehicles that need to leave Xu at the entrance.

  [Explanation] At present, all inspection points are on duty 24 hours a day.

The reporter learned from the traffic control team of the Xuzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters that the current high-speed entrances and exits around the urban area and provincial border checkpoints are as follows: 1. Beijing-Taiwan Expressway (G3): Temporary closure of the entrances of Xuzhou West and Liuxin toll stations , The exit is normally open.

Hanwang, Pengcheng, and Xuzhou North toll stations are open normally, and check points are set at the entrances; 2. Lianhuo Expressway (G30): The entrances of Xuzhou South, Luliang, and Dongtan toll stations are temporarily closed, and the exits are open normally.

Xuzhou toll gates are open normally, and check points are set at the entrance; 3. Huaixu Expressway (G2513): Xuzhou East toll gates are open normally, and check points are set at the entrance; 4. Jixu Expressway (S69): Zhengji toll gates are temporarily closed at the entrance and exit Normally open; 5. National Highway 206 Sanbao checkpoint: Set up a departure from Xu inspection point, and the entrance to Xu channel is normally open.

  Zheng Zihao, Li Zhengzuo, Ge Yong, reporting from Xuzhou, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]