A total of 19,700 people demonstrated this Saturday in France against the health pass, for the 20th consecutive weekend of mobilization, according to the results of the Ministry of the Interior, including more than 3,500 in Paris.

The ministry recorded 155 actions across the country, against 158 ​​actions and 23,000 demonstrators last Saturday.

According to the militant collective The Yellow Number, which publishes its own reports with a delay, they were about 64,000 out of 201 gatherings the previous week.

In the capital, 3,510 demonstrators marched, according to the Paris police headquarters.

The mobilization, launched in mid-July, has seen an average decline since August 7, the date of a peak of 237,000 demonstrators, according to figures from the authorities.

A “dazzling” fifth wave

Faced with the fifth wave of Covid-19 contamination, described as "dazzling", the government announced on Thursday a tightening of the constraints without re-containment or curfew.

He has stepped up the pressure on the unvaccinated and opened the vaccination booster from this Saturday to all adults.

From December 15 for those over 65 and from January 15 for those aged 18-64, the booster dose will be mandatory for the health pass to remain valid.

For the unvaccinated, the period of validity of negative tests giving rise to the health pass will be reduced from 72 to 24 hours.

Protest in the West Indies

Three million Covid-19 vaccination appointments have been made since the announcement Thursday of the extension of the recall campaign to the entire adult population, the government said on Saturday.

In Martinique and Guadeloupe, the movement against the vaccination obligation for caregivers, punctuated by violence, looting, fires and road blockages, is not running out of steam, and the situation remains fluid, with filtering or hermetic dams.

Gatherings took place this Saturday in Guadeloupe, organized by organizations and sympathizers of the current social movement.

Police and journalists were targeted by gunfire in Martinique.


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