Actually, the domestic corona situation is already serious even without Omicron. Both the number of daily deaths and the number of critically ill patients increased the most. The total number of confirmed cases again exceeded 4,000.

By Lee Joo-sang, staff reporter.

<Reporter> At the

Noryangjin Fish Market in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 79 additional infections were confirmed.

Since the first confirmed case on the 20th, the cumulative number of confirmed cases is 339.

As mass infections continued at nursing facilities in Guro-gu and kindergartens in Jungnang-gu, the number of confirmed cases in Seoul reached 1,888, a record high.

The number of new confirmed cases nationwide also exceeded 4,000 again in three days.

The number of deaths and severe cases is also rapidly increasing.

The death toll increased by 13 in a single day to 52, the highest ever, and the cumulative fatality rate also increased to 0.8%.

The number of patients with severe severe cases also broke the record for five days in a row with 634.

This is because 96% of deaths and 85% of patients with severe cases are in their 60s or older.

As the medical response capacity reached its limit, such as the utilization rate of intensive care beds in the metropolitan area reached 83.4%, 1,167 people were waiting for more than one day.

In order to secure beds, the government has come up with a plan to make home treatment a standard rather than an option.

[Lee Ki-il/Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters 1st Controller: We are considering improving the system by defaulting on home treatment, and for patients who need hospitalization to enter a living treatment center or hospital.]

Daily recovery As concerns about the virus grow, the government is planning to announce a comprehensive quarantine plan the day after (29th), and the Omicron mutant virus is also expected to be an important variable.

(Video editing: Park Ji-in, CG: Jo Soo-in)     

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