At least 21 people were killed and 30 other people were injured in a long-distance bus accident in Mexico.

In the small town of San José el Guarda, about 100 kilometers southwest of Mexico City, the bus hit a residential building on Friday, as the government of the state of Mexico announced.

The brakes had therefore failed.

The injured, including minors, were taken to various hospitals - some by helicopter.

According to the information, the bus was on its way from the neighboring state of Michoacán to the church in Chalma.

With its image of a "black Christ", this is one of the most popular Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the country.

The passengers on the bus were apparently pilgrims.

Mexican media reported that buses and trucks often run through San José el Guarda - that serves as a shortcut between two sections of a highway.

Because this is dangerous, residents have asked to block the street through the town, reported TV Azteca.

The residents of the affected house were therefore uninjured./nk/DP/zb