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Is There Life After

The Squid Game


The question must be being asked by the more than

142 million viewers

who devoured the series, making it the most viewed in Netflix history. The answer has not been long in coming: it is called



Rumbo al inferno

in its Spanish version), it is also Korean-made and according to the new



, right now it is the most watched series in the world with

more than 43 millions of hours of playback

, a long way from his top two





and the second season of

Tiger King

. One more proof that the Korean wave, the




(as they call it in South Korea), is not an exotic phenomenon but the new paradigm that governs the entertainment industry.



a near dystopian future

(the events take place in 2022) in which the world order is rapidly crumbling as a result of strange apparitions that announce the exact day and time of the death, always ultraviolent, of

individuals who have been destined to the hell.

In parallel,

The New Truth

is imposed

, a religion that defends a virtuous and sin-free life that has a violent branch,

Punta de Flecha


a sect that persecutes and humiliates those damned destined to die.

The series, which was born as a comic book and is directed by

Yeon Sang-ho


Train to Busan

) is a fast-paced cocktail of winning ingredients:

the terror of the occult, fanaticism,



and ultraviolence.

There is a very bad villain, the very young and ruthless leader of The New Truth, and his nemesis, a burned policeman tormented by the murder of his wife who raises his teenage daughter as best he can.

Yeon Sang-ho is the director of the six-part series.


At Netflix they are experts in creating stories and generating expectations

, and they have succeeded: everyone is now thinking about not missing the next South Korean sensation", analyzes Betu Molero, director of the Serielizados festival, who thinks that Korea has specialized in "Tell local stories with a global mindset".

On the way to hell

has many connections with

The Squid Game


the somewhat insane hitch that encourages watching the series in marathon mode


pushing the human condition to the limit, “something that, deep down, has a lot of the morbid



reality TV


, Says Molero. It's entertainment squared. But it is also that one thing that Korean fiction does very well is to provoke empathy: it can be a very frenetic and explicit audiovisual, but it also has a sensitivity that does not completely leave out the social context, as happens in

The Squid Game

or in


. That's why it hooks so much.

Rhythm and aesthetics dominate, they are very immersive series

in the narration they touch very basic things, with which everyone feels identified, "he says.

Netflix has invested 500 million dollars in Korea in 2021

, at the beginning of the year it announced two new production centers in the country and between 2015 and 2020 alone it launched more than 80 series.

The strategy has been perfect for them.

And what remains, because the




The Paper House

is underway and will feature actors from ...

The Squid Game


There is Korea for a while.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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