Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia, today issued an announcement from the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. On November 27, 2021, Manzhouli City found 3 cases of positive nucleic acid tests for the new coronavirus during the nucleic acid test of the “should be checked” personnel.

At present, the epidemiological investigation has been fully launched, and closed control has been implemented in the residential communities (Mancheng New World District B, Fuxin District A, Changzhou Company Building) and workplaces (Yilito freight yard, railway loading and unloading workshop).

In order to effectively curb the spread of the epidemic and make every effort to ensure the safety and health of the people, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

  1. The bazaar, cultural, sports, leisure and entertainment venues are temporarily closed, and gatherings such as catering, weddings and funerals, offline meetings, religious worship, etc. are strictly prohibited; taxis, buses and other public transportation in the city are temporarily suspended; all individuals in the city Clinics, outpatient departments, and community health service centers (stations) are closed. All hospitals and health centers suspend receiving patients except emergency, dialysis, pregnant women, tumor chemotherapy and other patients who must go to the hospital for treatment; to ensure the daily production and life of citizens Strict management is implemented for places that really need to be operated; welfare institutions and senior care service institutions are fully closed, and personnel are prohibited from entering and leaving; schools, kindergartens and training institutions suspend offline teaching activities.

  2. All citizens must insist on not going out unless necessary, and actively cooperate with the social management and control department to do a good job in the management and control of communities and public places; all community contracting units must do a good job of 24-hour duty and registration; the public security department has already checked all traffic roads and public places in the city. The entrances and exits of the urban area are strictly controlled, and life support vehicles are approved by the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters to enter and exit. All citizens must actively cooperate, and all personnel are prohibited from leaving.

  3. All citizens should strengthen their awareness of personal protection, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, maintain social distance, and develop good hygiene habits.

If you have fever or other uncomfortable symptoms, you should take protective measures and go to the fever clinic of designated medical institutions as soon as possible.

Public places, government agencies, enterprises and institutions should strengthen management and control, prevent people from gathering, implement prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement at entrances and exits, check health codes, and check the wearing of masks, and regularly perform environmental disinfection work.

  4. The Municipal Headquarters for Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemics is about to launch nucleic acid testing for all employees. All citizens must actively cooperate and participate in an orderly manner to achieve all employees.

  5. Public security organs and other relevant departments will crack down on illegal activities such as price hikes in accordance with the law.

  6. Please pay attention to the official media in time for the latest information on the epidemic, and ensure that you do not spread rumors, believe in rumors, or spread rumors.

  This announcement shall be implemented from the date of its release.