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Come on, do we take a look at the TV news?

The number of the week

The work of

Special Envoy


is rewarded.

Thursday, the program of France 2 devoted a report to the testimonies of several women accusing the ex-minister Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault during facts dating from 1989 to 2001. Four years of work were necessary for the teams of the magazine, which has broke its audience record for the season.

In total, 3.3 million viewers followed the program, representing a market share of 16.6%.

This is a score well above the average of the six issues broadcast since the start of the school year, watched by 1.8 million people for an audience share of 9.1%.

Flash info

After Thierry Ardisson, it's Michel Drucker's turn to pay tribute to deceased personalities.

According to our colleagues from Le


, the host is preparing to box special numbers of

Vivement Dimanche

devoted in particular to Georges Pernoud, Jacques Martin, Christophe or Annie Cordy.

During these somewhat special programs, relatives of the deceased will retrace the thread of their lives and recount their memories.

The instant zapping

Willing to make a good word?

Real question?

We don't know what happened to Karine Le Marchand's mind during the filming of

France Has an Incredible Talent

, but it seems that the host doesn't really know Aya Nakamura.

During the sixth evening of the auditions broadcast Wednesday on M6, the Duo Malicanto took the stage.

Marie, a lyric singer with a particular repertoire, did not choose to sing an opera but took over


de Wejdene.

Until she left to invent syllables to make the gallery laugh, when her last name is Mfayokurera?

Can you say Mfayokurera but not Aya Nakamura?

Weird @KarineLMOff pic.twitter.com/J07rhTrMUm

- Aya Nakamura Charts (@ayacharts) November 25, 2021

“Aaah, that's the thing!


“Asks the host behind the scenes.

The joke is difficult to pass for Internet users who still remember Nikos' blunder at the NRJ Music Awards in 2018. During the ceremony, the presenter announced his arrival by naming her "Yaka Nakamura".

The "popcorn" info

It is not yet time for the school holidays for teachers, whether in reality or in fiction.

The proof: JoeyStarr returned this week to the filming studios to shoot new episodes of The


, the series in which he plays a French teacher.

The character of Nicolas Valeyre will be accompanied by new members in the teaching team since Arnaud Ducret, Oxmo Puccino and Amelle Chahbi join the cast.

It feels like the end for


. We are not talking about the repercussions of the “Teheiura affair” but of the epilogue of

The legend

, the season broadcast since the start of the school year on TF1. On Tuesday, December 14, the public will attend the legendary pole test (yes, the orientation, it will be the previous week). During this live evening, one of the adventurers or one of the adventurers will win a nice check for 100,000 euros.

She told us about it at the start of the season, and she did.

This Friday, Cristina Cordula was putting her entire career in danger (we are perhaps exaggerating a bit) by participating for the first time in the

Queens of shopping

, the show that she has played since 2013. Like thousands of candidates before her, the The host had to do her shopping while complying with the requirements of a theme.

In this case, "chic evening look".

Unsurprisingly, Cristina Cordula won the competition with an average score of 16/20 awarded by her competitors and donated the 1,000 euros won to the Innocence En Danger association.


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