China News Service, November 26. According to the WeChat official account of the "Xuzhou Release", on the 25th, the Traffic Control Group of the Xuzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters issued the "Emergency Notice on Strengthening Traffic Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic".

According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters, in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the traffic epidemic, effectively cut off the spread of the epidemic, and ensure the health and safety of the people, starting ), strengthen the management and control of public transportation such as urban public transportation, road passenger transportation, and rental passenger transportation.

  The announcement is as follows:

  1. The operation of Rail Transit (Metro) Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3 will be completely suspended.

  2. The inter-provincial shuttle bus transportation, inter-provincial-city chartered passenger transportation, and inter-provincial adjacent buses will be fully suspended.

For tickets that have already been sold, relevant passenger transport companies and automobile passenger stations will provide services such as free ticket refunds.

  3. Adjust some bus lines in the urban area.

Route 302 is suspended; Route 60 detours to Mine Road and does not stop at Xinhuaihai Road stations; Route 59 detours to Hubei Road and Hanshan Tunnel, but does not stop at Kaiyuan Guest House Station; Route 31 does not stop at Xuzhou Paradise Station; 68 The road will temporarily stop at Xuzhou Paradise Station and Kaiyuan Four Seasons Station.

  4. All kinds of public transportation and taxis (including online car-hailing) shall implement the prevention and control requirements such as wearing masks, temperature detection, code verification, prohibiting red and yellow code personnel from boarding, ventilation and disinfection, etc., and employees shall take personal protection.

Taxi (including online car-hailing) is prohibited to pick up and drop off passengers in the streets or communities in the closed area, and Xu Carrying Passengers are not allowed to operate.

  5. Strengthen the inspection of the exit from Xu channel.

Set up checkpoints at railway stations, bus stations, airports, highway entrances, and provincial and municipal border checkpoints, focusing on checking the negative nucleic acid test certificates, health codes, and itinerary codes of personnel leaving Xu within 48 hours.

  6. The release time of the above control measures will be announced separately.