Nicolas Carreau, edited by Ugo Pascolo 6:27 am, November 26, 2021

This is one of the most important back-to-school literary prizes: the Goncourt for high school students.

And this year it was awarded to Clara Dupont-Monod for her novel "To adapt".

This is the third prize that the author receives for her book, the assurance of commercial success. 

It may well be the last prize of the literary re-entry, the Goncourt for high school students is nonetheless one of the most important.

No wonder, therefore, that Clara Dupont-Monod, winner of this year for


 chez Stock, was taken by the emotion when his editor called to tell him the good news.

"I found myself pedaling like crazy"

"I was told 'you take your bike right away and you join us", says the happy elected delegates from different regions gathered in Rennes for the vote.

"So I found myself pedaling like crazy on my bike and being careful not to have an accident because my eyes were all wet. But I got there."


 the novel by Clara Dupont-Monod tells the story of the irruption of a severely disabled child into a sibling.

At the time of writing, she was not sure if the topic would be of interest to readers.

"It's miraculous," she blurted out.

"The lonely experience of writing a book… Suddenly there are arms that not only lift him up but hold him tight, it's overwhelming."


 Goncourt Prize for high school students: when writers meet their young audience

300,000 insured sales

A reward all the more miraculous as it is the third grand prize for this novel, after the Fémina and the Landerneau.

Success in bookstores is therefore assured, especially since the Goncourt of high school students alone often exceeds 300,000 sales.