[Explanation] The epidemic has lasted for nearly two years, Hong Kong's economy has not yet recovered, and the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong is scarce. Hong Kong's catering industry has suffered heavy losses.

Xu Liushan, a well-established dessert shop that has been operating in Hong Kong for more than 60 years, is one of them.

In May 2021, it was reported that the dessert brand "Hsu Lau Shan", which was in financial difficulties and was filed for liquidation, was about to withdraw from the Hong Kong market.

It is reported that as of now, more than 40 stores of Xu Liushan in Hong Kong have left a franchise store in Yau Tong which is still open and will officially close at the end of November this year.

  [Explanation] A few days ago, the reporter saw in front of this store that was about to close down, many citizens lined up at the door waiting to buy desserts inside.

The shop is full of customers, and the three employees are also busy ordering, making, packing, and serving meals.

From time to time, pedestrians passing by outside the store stopped to take pictures with the store.

  [Explanation] Some citizens told reporters that this time-honored brand has been operating in Hong Kong for more than half a century, and it is a collective memory of several generations. They learned that the last store is about to close, but regretfully came to check in.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong citizen student Chen

  (Mom and Dad) They used to bring me here to eat, but now they do, but now they close the door, they will bring me here to buy.

Because mangoes are mainly made here, many of the mango desserts are not available for sale outside, so I think it's a pity.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong citizen Ms. Wang

  I came with my family when I was young.

Will (feeling a pity), because it has many years of history.

When I was young, I might buy a cup of Mango Coconut Aloe Vera in summer.

In the past, Xu Liushan opened many shops in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people are like me. Every summer, I will buy a cup to cool off. It is a collective memory.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong citizens

  My brother and family members will go to Xu Liushan to eat.

Many early (old shops) are (closed), teahouses and the like, everyone only has memories.

  [Explanation] The brand "Xu Liushan" started in the 1960s. The founder Xu Ciyu sold herbal tea and turtle jelly on a cart in Yuen Long, Hong Kong under the name of his father "Xu Liushan". Since then, he opened a dessert syrup business.

In the 1990s, small shops launched a series of mango desserts, which were welcomed by the market. During the peak period, they opened more than 300 branches around the world, which were all the rage.

Today, this time-honored brand that originated in Hong Kong and operated a Jiazi in Hong Kong will also come to an end, becoming a collective memory of generations of Hong Kong people.

  Reporter Fan Siyi, Li Yue, Liangyuan from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]