In the News: 48 hours after the Calais tragedy, the cloth is burning again between Paris and London

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The tragedy off the coast of Calais claimed the lives of 27 migrants.


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Less than two days after the worst tragedy in the English Channel and the deaths of 27 migrants, France and Britain clash again over who is to blame and what should be done in the future 

», Underlines the

Wall Street Journal

. The two countries had nevertheless agreed after the tragedy " 

to collaborate 

", deplores for its part

Financial Times

, while the


points to the " 


of Boris Johnson who asked last night in Paris " 

to take back all the migrants who disembark in England after crossing the Channel 

”. " 

An escalation of the political crisis 

", Which could compromise the" 

crisis meeting on refugees scheduled for Sunday in Calais 

", further underlines the British daily whose columnist denounces" 

the xenophobic rhetoric of the British government 

", which never ceases to bow" 

to the feelings anti-migrants 

”, and which takes place to engage in“ 

an honest discussion on how to open legal and secure immigration routes to the UK 

”, prefers to put forward solutions“ 

designed to inflame the situation 

”. It is " 

an inglorious spectacle 

", asserts the


. The drama of Calais, however, signs " 

the patent failure of this repressive logic for two decades

", Also comments for its part the Swiss daily

Le Temps


The reinforced repressive measures on the French coasts have an impact, but some migrants will always fall through the cracks 

", also estimates a British researcher in the

Wall Street Journal


Covid: a new variant detected in South Africa and the borders are closing

It is the variant of fear 

", headlines the British tabloid press, " 

perhaps the worst that we have known 

", explains the


which underlines that besides the United Kingdom, " 

several European countries, Germany and Italy will thus suspend flights from southern Africa 

”. So many countries " 

extremely concerned 

", underlines

Die Welt

by the discovery of this "

new variant of Covid -le B.1.1.529 which could be formidable because of its high number of mutations and its rapid spread 

". " 

Scientists do not yet know how effective existing vaccines will be against this new variant. 

", Explains for its part the

New York Times

which reports that it is spreading" 

rapidly among young people in Pretoria 

", and that health services" 

now fear a spread to the whole country 


it is only 'a matter of time 

', assures the South African Minister of Health, reports the American daily.

Anger after the election as head of Interpol of an Emirati general accused of torture

Despite " 

a wave of international protest 

", " 

General Al-Raisi accused of complicity in torture was elected with nearly 70% of the votes cast by the 195 member countries of Interpol 

", underlines

El Pais

who, like the international press reports the anger of the NGOs, " 

a shame 

" for one of the British plaintiffs Matthew Hedges who claims to have been tortured on false accusations of espionage in the Emirates in 2018, the



. " 

A victory which undermines the credibility of Interpol 

", the world body in charge of the application of the law, comments for its part the

Wall Street Journal 

which recalls that " 

the United States

 and Europe, which pays the majority of Interpol's budget, complain that authoritarian governments are increasingly using the agency for political ends - to hunt down political opponents and dissidents 


Famous 'Afghan girl with green eyes' has just been evacuated to Italy

Everyone remembers the “ 

gaze of this Afghan girl with piercing green eyes 

”, immortalized in 1984 by the National Geographic photographer, an image that has become iconic of this Afghan teenage girl who had then “ 

fled the Taliban to take refuge in Pakistan 

”. Her name is Sharbat Gula, and 37 years later she still flees the Taliban, underlines

La Repubblica

which, like the rest of the international press, reports that she has just " 

been transferred to Rome 



where she will be " 

integrated into a welcome program to integrate into Italian life 

”, specifies the C

orriere della Sera

. " 

A path of exile, similar to that of many Afghans, for one who has been the image of the suffering of her people for so long 

”, comments

Courrier International



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