In the spotlight: the shortcomings of the European Court of Auditors

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The building of the Court of Auditors in Luxembourg.

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By: Norbert Navarro

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Scandal in Luxembourg!

About ten members of this European Community financial control body that is the European Court of Auditors, including its president, pocketed undue bonuses and expense reports, in defiance of the EU's ethical rules.

The daily


carried out the investigation ...

The European Court of Auditors is Europe's “

 financial conscience

 ”, but it is compared by this newspaper to the “

 Augean stables

 ” that “it 

is time to clean up

 ”. According to this newspaper, " 

a good third of its 27 members are hardly ever present in the Grand Duchy (of Luxembourg) but nevertheless receive large housing premiums by fictitiously residing there, abuse of" representation costs ", performs "


" that no one checks or even uses for private purposes the means at their disposal, such as company cars



points in particular to the president of this institution, the German Klaus-Heiner Lehne, who fictitiously shares in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg “

 a duplex with 3 to 4 bedrooms

” with three other members of his cabinet, which allows them to 'pocket undue bonuses.




, the European Court of Auditors " 

spends its time giving management lessons to other Community institutions and to States 

" ...

French vaccine trilogy

In France, the third dose of vaccine is the government's bet to stop the coronavirus epidemic. This third dose of vaccine will be extended to all French people aged 18 and over. And the newspaper

Le Parisien

wonders if there will be something for everyone. Because if the government ensures that the stocks of vaccines are available, the personnel necessary to vaccinate nineteen million eligible people are not all there.


This time we need arms not to be vaccinated, but to vaccinate,

summarizes this daily (…)

Everywhere, the general alert is launched (…) To increase the pressure, this dose will be necessary to keep his health pass from the January 15 for 18-64 year olds. But can the pace be kept?


Le Parisien


To make matters worse, a new variant spotted in Botswana is causing concern in South Africa.

Its code name is B.1.1.529, and in South Africa, " 

it is growing very quickly, even in the face of the very contagious Delta

 ", underlines

Le Figaro


Since Tuesday, this country has been on alert in the face of Covid.

And two of the seven epidemic surveillance centers in South Africa, set up in February 2020, have carried out studies to identify the new variant 

", points this daily.


Le Figaro

whets the appetite of French tycoons

Officially, the oldest French daily is not for sale, but it is coveted by LVMH, the luxury group of Bernard Arnault, but also by the Vivendi group, controlled by Vincent Bolloré. According to the daily

Le Monde

, Vincent Bolloré "has been

 eyeing the case since June 2018

 " and Bernard Arnault " 

would have made, before the summer, an offer to buy the title

 ". Previously mentioned by the



, “

 secret negotiations (…) are currently taking place between Vincent Bolloré and the Dassault family 

” for the sale of the



Owners of the title, the heirs Dassault and Charles Edelstenne, managing director of the Marcel Dassault industrial group, jointly assure that

Le Figaro

is not for sale, but

Le Monde

reveals that " 

Dassault Médias' losses amounted to 184.5 million euros


As a result of which

Le Figaro


 whets appetites

 ", launches the evening daily.

Zidane's Parisian feint

Zinédine Zidane met the leaders of the PSG. Will the Real Madrid boss arrive at Paris-Saint-Germain? According to the daily

Le Parisien

, “ 

a meeting took place a few weeks ago, during the second week of the All Saints holidays, at the Royal Monceau, a Parisian palace. Around Zinédine Zidane, there was at least Leonardo, the sports director, and Jean-Claude Blanc, general manager of the club who knows Zizou well. An interview that PSG denies 

”. But this denial,

Le Parisien

does not care and maintains that "

 the idea of ​​PSG is to have Zidane on the bench for next season 

" and that " 

negotiations are moving forward for the summer 



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