• From this Thursday until June, Tisséo is experimenting with descent on demand on two bus lines in the evening.

  • This device, deployed from 10 p.m. to the end of service on lines L1 and L2, should ensure the safety of users and reassure them when they use public transport at night.

  • At their request, the driver can drop them off on the route of the line between two bus stops.

Sometimes, the bus stops are more than 300 meters from each other in the Toulouse area. In the middle of the night, in often poorly lit streets, the risk of being attacked when returning home is thus multiplied. To reassure users, and prevent them from having bad encounters on these journeys on foot, Tisséo has decided to experiment from this Thursday, and until June 30, the descent on demand at night on two lines.

An announcement made on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“Women are the main target of this system, but also anyone else who feels insecure.

When getting on the bus, the person asks the driver so that he can drop them off at the place closest to their home on the trip, ”explains Nicolas Misiak, President of Tisséo Voyageurs, who is deploying this measure on Lineo L1s. (Sept-Deniers / Fonsegrives) and L2 (Arène / Colomiers) between 10 p.m. and the end of service of the lines, around 12:30 a.m.

Extension in June if the results are conclusive

Depending on the traffic and safety conditions, the bus driver will validate this request and the user will be invited to exit through the front of the bus when the vehicle stops where he requested it. “We are receiving testimonials from people who tell us they prefer to take their car in order to be able to drive right in front of their homes. In order for public transport to find its audience, we have to offer passengers a safe offer and thus make them prefer bus trips, ”explains Karine Traval-Michelet, the mayor of Colomiers, elected within Tisséo Collectivités.

This type of device, which can be deployed since 2019 and the Mobility Orientation Law, already exists in a dozen cities.

In Toulouse, it is being tested for the moment on a line very frequented by students and another which circulates in more residential districts or more distant stops.

Progress reports will be drawn up by June, with an extension to other night lines if the results are convincing.

This measure complements the prevention campaigns against harassment deployed in the metro in particular, where again Tuesday morning a 55-year-old man was caught filming under the skirt of a passenger.


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