On November 25, 2021, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province received information from the Shanghai Association for Disease Control and Prevention on the "Emergency Acute Infectious Disease Contact Tracking Management System". A case of a new coronavirus nucleic acid test positive person in Shanghai, Sun, closely followed Li's activities in Xuzhou , The person has been isolated in a centralized manner.

The initial screening of the nucleic acid test for disease control in Quanshan District was positive, and the result of the disease control review in Xuzhou City was positive.

According to the results of the epidemiological investigation, the travel trajectory of the case in Xuzhou is as follows:

  November 21:

  17:15-20:37 Take the G8300 from Suzhou to Xuzhou East.

  20:37-21:00 From Xuzhou East Station, take Metro Line 1 to People's Square Station.

Then walk to Huaihai Xintiandi McDonald's.

  21:49-21:59 Dine in a McDonald's store.

  At around 22:00, I took a taxi (Su CD60886) to Kaiyuan Hotel and did not go out.

  November 22:

  At 11:00, take a taxi (Su CU58J3) to Xuzhou Paradise.

  11:00-23:00 debugging equipment in Xuzhou Paradise (the equipment is not open).

  At around 23:00, take a taxi (Su CD9K58) to Kaiyuan Hotel at Xuzhou Paradise, and arrive at the hotel at about 23:22, but did not go out when arriving at the hotel.

  November 23:

  At around 11:20, take a taxi (Su C597Q1) to Xuzhou Paradise at Kaiyuan Hotel.

  11:20-21:57 debugging equipment in Xuzhou Paradise (the equipment is not open).

  21:58-22:06 Take a taxi (Su CZY198) to Huaihai Xintiandi McDonald's to pick up the meal, but did not eat in the store.

After that, I took the same car (Su CZY198) back to Kaiyuan Hotel and did not go out.

  November 24:

  Take a taxi (Su CD53853) to Xuzhou Paradise at around 10:40.

  10:40-20:49 to Xuzhou Paradise to debug the equipment (the equipment is not open).

  Around 20:49 take a taxi (Su CD59551) from Xuzhou Paradise to Huaihai Xintiandi McDonald's.

  21:05-21:12 Dining at McDonald's.

  At around 21:13, take a taxi (Su CD3T72) back to the Kaiyuan Hotel, and did not go out afterwards.

  Not out on November 25th.

  In accordance with the relevant regulations on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, we are now looking for people in the same train who took the subway during the above time period, diners at Huaihai Xintiandi McDonald’s, and Xuzhou Amusement Park visitors, and immediately contact the Quanshan District CDC in Xuzhou City (Tel: 0516) -68959922) and report to the village, community and unit where they are located; those who have been outside the city should immediately report to the local disease control agency and local government, and actively cooperate in the implementation of relevant health management measures.

  The Xuzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds the general public to pay attention to official authoritative releases and proactively provide information without believing, spreading or spreading rumors.

At the same time, it is necessary to further enhance the awareness of prevention, to "wear a mask, one-meter noodles, more ventilation, frequent disinfection, do not gather, and use public chopsticks", and actively vaccinate against the new crown virus to protect the health of themselves and their families.