China News Service, Shenzhen, November 25 (Zhu Zuying) The People's Court of Qianhai Cooperation Zone in Shenzhen issued a news on the 25th that the court recently opened a court to hear a Hong Kong intellectual property case.

During the trial, Hong Kong lawyer Tang Huidong, as a legal investigation expert, appeared online in Hong Kong through the court's online trial platform to explain the case involving the investigation of Hong Kong law.

  It is reported that the case was tried by a collegiate panel composed of two senior intellectual property judges and a juror from Hong Kong.

This case is also the first time that a Hong Kong legal expert appeared in court via video online to provide assistance in Hong Kong legal investigations.

  The plaintiff, Chen, is a Hong Kong resident, and he claims to have rights to 58 music recordings. The defendant, a music company, provided online playback and download services without permission, infringing on its information network dissemination rights, and requested the court to rule that the defendant should immediately stop the infringement. ; The plaintiff also claimed that its songs were widely broadcast at Hong Kong Airport and had a high reputation, and demanded that the defendant compensate the defendant for economic losses of approximately RMB 3 million.

However, the defendant, a music company, argued that the signature of the recording album involved in the case was the P name registered in Hong Kong, not the plaintiff, and the plaintiff had no right to claim the right to spread information on the Internet.

  In order to ascertain the legal nature of the business registration name and the legal relationship with the plaintiff, Hong Kong lawyer Tang Huidong was commissioned to investigate relevant Hong Kong laws and issued the "Hong Kong Law Investigation Report."

As the plaintiff and the defendant had disputes over the Hong Kong law ascertained, and taking into account the factors of epidemic prevention and control, the collegiate panel of the case arranged for Tang Huidong to appear in court in Hong Kong via video online to accept inquiries from the court and the parties.

  Under the auspices of the court and the assistance of Hong Kong legal experts, the defendant confirmed that the plaintiff had the right to claim rights in his own name, and the dispute between the plaintiff and the defendant regarding the qualifications of the plaintiff was resolved.

  Bian Fei, President of the Qianhai Court, said that in this case, Hong Kong legal experts appeared online in court, breaking through the space "barriers" for the resolution of cross-border commercial disputes and laying the foundation for the perfection of the normalized Hong Kong area professionals to participate in the Qianhai Court's case handling mechanism. The foundation will help explore the establishment of a new mechanism for judicial assistance and exchanges in civil and commercial matters between Qianhai and Hong Kong and Macao, and promote the convergence of laws and regulations in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

  It is understood that since its establishment, the Qianhai Court has focused on the jurisdiction of Shenzhen’s first-instance foreign-related commercial cases involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and has introduced Hong Kong legal experts, Hong Kong jurors, Hong Kong mediators and other professionals to provide support for the investigation of extraterritorial law. , To enhance the professional and international level of international commercial case trials.

  In addition, from February 2015 to November 22, 2021, the Qianhai Court applied extraterritorial law to hear 115 cases, of which 92 were applied to Hong Kong law, ranking first in the country in terms of number.