Just 14 days ago, many junkies in the Rhineland believed that the 2021/2022 carnival season would be reasonably carefree thanks to the vaccination.

In Düsseldorf and even more so in Cologne, the rush to kick off the session was on November 11th.


Tens of thousands of fools crowded into the narrowest space, which aroused a lot of criticism in other places, because the incidence values ​​had already risen threateningly again for a long time.

Corona and carnival with swaying, boning and boozy celebrations in the middle of the contagion season and while intensive care units are at or above the limit, they somehow do not go together.

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Political correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Under the impression of ever more terrifying Corona daily record values, the first clubs are canceling the next session.

The start was made on Wednesday by the Leverkusen fools, who canceled all of the carnival parades planned for February because the control measures simply could not be carried out.

According to previous plans, carnival meetings should be allowed to take place - of course only with 2G and an additional current test certificate.

The Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval (CC) believes it has found a way out of the dilemma. On Wednesday evening, it decided to postpone its Rose Monday procession from February 28 to May 8 next year. The people of Düsseldorf rely on the so-called seasonal effect to save their session and hope that there will be a chance in May to be able to drive the famous, snappy motif wagons as usual through the streets lined with onlookers. The Rose Monday procession in 2021 - like in all other carnival strongholds - was canceled due to the pandemic. "We all assume that we will have overcome the fourth corona wave in the coming spring," said Committee President Michael L Bäumen. The Düsseldorf fools extend the session without further ado. This should give the carnival societies organized in the CC the opportunity topostpone their meetings scheduled for January and February. “We see this as a real opportunity to keep the carnival alive and still celebrate,” added Laumen's deputy, Stefan Kleinehr.

According to its own statements, the Düsseldorf Carneval Committee has agreed to extend the session with the city and the Catholic parish - but not with the junkies in Cologne. In any case, they reacted extremely coldly to the Düsseldorf idea to cheat the virus. The Cologne Carnival Festival Committee said that one was extremely surprised and irritated by the decision of the Düsseldorfers. “This procedure was not coordinated within the four Rhenish carnival cities of the intangible cultural heritage.” The Cologne committee refuses to simply postpone the session to spring, because that would only promote the advancing commercialization of the carnival. Conversely, this means: The complete cancellation of the carnival, as in the 2020/2021 session, remains an option.

It is astonishing that the Düsseldorf hotties did not wait a short moment with their decision.

An online meeting of the top Rhenish carnivalists from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn and Aachen with the North Rhine-Westphalian State Chancellery was planned for Thursday anyway, which, in addition to the many other pandemic problems, is now also coordinating a carnival under Corona for the second time -Conditions must deal.