As the effects of pumice stones continue for a long time, at ports in Okinawa Prefecture where a large amount of pumice stones float, there are movements such as attaching agricultural nets to small ships to prevent the engine from being clogged with pumice stones and letting them sail. increase.

On the 25th, at the Hamasaki fishing port in Motobu Town, Okinawa Prefecture, I photographed a fishing boat on which an NHK helicopter was squeezing through pumice stones that covered the surface of the sea.

According to Mr. Kazushige Nakamura, who owns the ship, an agricultural net with a stitch of about 1 mm was attached to the part of the external engine that takes in seawater.

By doing this, it is possible to operate the engine without clogging the pumice even in the sea where a large amount of pumice floats, so since last week we have been operating a fishing boat with fishing passengers, but so far the trouble has been It means that it has not happened.

In addition, other fishing boats are also trying to prevent engine trouble by using a net for screen doors.

On the other hand, navigating the sea where a large amount of pumice stones are floating will damage the bottom of the ship, so there are concerns about the impact in the long run.

Mr. Nakamura said, "I had a problem with pumice stones when the corona was settled, so I thought I couldn't do anything at first, but I'm doing it positively while devising."